Manually updated Naim NDx2 Network streamer: blind person asking for assistance?

I am learning to add new stations to the streamer’s Internet Radio directory. advises that my additions will show in favourites once I manually update. I am a blind person and the app does not tell me how to invoke a manual update. Vtuner reports that stations have been saved, but they don’t show in favourites so it does seem that manually updating is essential.
Suggestions as to how to do this please appreciated.
This problem is for me, unfortunate. The new app combining Focal and Naim is for the most part accessible. The web sites are satisfactory. But the front panel and remote ad not great.

Thanks for suggestions/advice.


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Hi, are you sure that the starions you want to listen to are not already available in the iRadio input. It’s easy enough to miss them amongst the many thousands of stations listed, but if they are there you won’t need to add them manually.

If you do add a station via vTuner it should appear in the iRadio input under Added Stations.

Worked exactlhy as you hav epointe cdout: so maybe instructions and notifications from Vtuner need to be more expansive.

I did do the search check before adding new stations.

But now the challenge is to determine format and bit rate. Copying links which are labeled as “listen” “live” etc don’t always help in this regard.

But there are no accessibility issues as previously thought.


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