Manufacturers warranty on demo items purchased

Does anyone know how this works? having acquired an ex demo amplifier from a dealer I am then told on querying a fault with it that there is only a small part of the warranty left. I always thought it began when the item was registered with Naim.

Thanks for any input.

The warranty contract here is between you and the dealer. As an ex demo bit of kit, surely any warranty was made clear to you by them when you bought the amplifier?

No, I was told it has a full warranty, as confirmed by statements made on their website. The implication is that it is with Naim.

Which website?

The sellers. Anyway I am returning it tomorrow to see what they say, then I will keep you informed.

Well then I guess it’s down to the seller - best take it up with them.

Just so that I am clear though, for example if an ex demo machine that is 3 months is sold, does the buyer on registration of that item with Naim have the balance of the warranty left.
Incidentally is the full Naim warranty 2 or 5 years.

The warranty in the UK on new equipment is 2 years (AFAIK from date of supply/sale), and if you then register with Naim after you’ve purchased the item then you get an extra 3 years limited warranty (check Naim for limitations) on top.

As for ex demo, I don’t know. I would guess it’s the balance of the standard warranty from date of supply to the dealer, unless the dealer warrants it further. Either way, you should clarify with the dealer.

Can you screenshot the advert or is it gone or does it say full warranty on any other naim items?
I repeatedly find my photos online that have been ‘stolen’. The first thing I do is to screenshot it and incorporate it into the invoice.Good luck

I recently was hoping to buy a 1 year old Naim Hicap DR and asked Naim what guarantee was available to me. The answer was that all Naim products benefit from a 2 year guarantee irrespective of ownership. The 5 year guarantee applies to the original owner although there is some uncertainty whether a subsequent owner might’ve eligible to register for this if the product had not been registered so best to speak to your Nsim agent for clarification

Yes, as I understand from Naim, the 2 year warranty is transferable, however, the additional 3 year limited warranty is not and is only available to the original purchaser (so not available to secondhand or ex demo items).

I purchased my Nova ex demo from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision (authorised sellers) and was told that I would get the full UK warranty as if the product was brand new (including the 3 year limited warranty) and this is advertised on their website as well (still is even now). Thankfully I’ve never had to test this but I can’t see why that wouldn’t be true.

Whatever the case you would still get 6 years cover based on consumer law. And if you have used a CC to buy you would get S75 protection as well (assuming you are in UK).

This topic was discussed on the old forum. I cannot believe that Naim and every Naim dealer, at least those in the UK, cannot provide unambiguous clarity on this issue. It is potentially so important to many users of this forum and other buyers of ex-demo equipment. If I recall correctly, our absent friend HH gave an unequivocal explanation of the issue. Unfortunately I can’t remember what that was. Perhaps someone else can?


The UK warranty for kit bought new is 2 years. If you register with Naim within 30 days when you purchase your kit you get an additional extended 3 year limited warranty on top. The standard warranty is transferable (keep the original purchase receipt otherwise the start date defaults to the day it shipped from Naim), however the extended limited warranty is not.

I assume that if one bought an ex-demo product (which has not been registered by the authorised Naim retailer) and then registered it then they would get the extra 3 year warranty.

Iliria, I wouldn’t have thought so - after all, it’s not new but used. However, it’s something best answered by Naim I think.

Dealers have definitely sold ex-demo equipment on the basis that a full Naim, ie original purchaser, 2 year, extendable to 5 year manufacturer warranty applies.

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I’d also like to mention that when I had an NDS fault Naim corrected this under warranty FOC despite being a month over the warranty period as a gesture of goodwill. Not many companies would do this.

Q. When a dealer gets an item for demo use have they ‘bought it’ and registered it with the manufacturer once they start to use it? If not you could have the rather strange situation where a bit of kit was used for demos for say 2 years by the dealer but the warranty period did not kick in until they sold it on. This would be a bit unfair on the manufacturer really. Maybe that is why ex dem stock gets moved on fairly often?


As the warranty contract is made between customer and dealer, on a secondhand or ex demo item I guess they could offer what they like, but they may well be underwriting it?

FWIW, I believe that Naim are working on some definitive guidance on ex. demo warranty in the UK, so we should have some clarity sometime soon.

They would be underwriting it. It’s not new equipment.

Why buy ex demo if not to get a price reduction on pre used equipment? And some people expect a 5 year warranty on top? Get real.

A generous dealer may be of some help but there is no obligation. If you expect all the perks then dig deeper and buy new. Same as everyone.