Mapping NAS in Naim App

I’m new to the Naim app, and I could use a little assistance. I’ve not been able to map my large collection of FLAC files stored on a QNAP NAS on a wireless network. Playback is over the wireless network on a Uniti Atom. I’ve been using Roon, but I’m getting a bit frustrated with the flakiness of Roon. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Have you installed a upnp server on the NAS? Do that and the Naim app should just see it, there’s no need to map anything. My QNAP NAS had a version of minimserver pre-downloaded that just needed installation along with the Java runtime software

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What’s flaky about Roon, mine is ROCK solid, if you’ll excuse the pun?

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Curious about your flaky Roon. It tends to be rock solid and very much simplifies the plethora of sometimes less than reliable UPnP media servers out there…
What is the issue you are experiencing exactly? You mention a NAS with FLAC files stored on it accessed wirelessly and then Roon and the Naim app. These are quite different things… perhaps like saying my BMW320d is flaky because I have water in my diesel.
Have you checked whether your ‘flakiness’ goes if you temporarily use an Ethernet lead… it might be your wlan is not up to the task you are putting it to.

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