Market Disrupters

I see that Q Acoustics have just released information on their new active speakers. It will be interesting to see how the fare in a world that appears to be looking for a drop in ‘box-counts’ whilst still appreciating quality?

They look as though they have adopted Naim’s BRM approach and coupled that with eight class D active amplifiers. I’ve not read all the bumpf thoroughly but it looks like they allows some form of sound manipulation and/or fine-tuning.

I eagerly await the first reviews to see if they’ve cracked the conundrum!

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I wish they made a “dumb” version like ATC’s actives with just an analogue (or even digital) input … people are worried about obsolescence in streamers and so-called super integrated amps. Pity because they look great and I imagine sound good too. Nice to see the bass compensation switch.

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Interesting looking speakers although I’m not sure how they differ in their approach to Dynaudio, KEF, Kii and Dutch&Dutch (Amongst others…) ?

Might be ideal for the new Atom HE, they are normally sensibly priced……just looked they are wifi only…shame

Weren’t these reviewed by WhatHifi already (3/5 stars)…?

Ha i just made a similar comment on a different thread!

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