Marten Se Parker Duo stand mount speakers

Has anyone any experience of these speakers, especially in a small room?


I would be interested to know if anyone has compared the Parker Duo to Duke 2. The Duke 2s are wonderful speakers but they don’t match well with mid range Naim amps, in my experience.

Never heard the Duke version but I am interested in opinions of Parker Duo. Had a recent demo but they were out of the box and not burned in but I was very impressed and plan to go back once they have more hours on them. My current speakers are Focal Sopra 1 and these are massive improvement. Demo was with Naim Ndx2 and Supernait 3. Hope others can provide some valuable opinion.

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The Marten surely sounds special. I’m glad you found the Parker Duo to be a big upgrade over Sopra 1. I was told that few Dynaudio Confidence C1 owners also found the Duke 2 to sound massively better. I have no doubt the Parker Duo are capable of a high level of performance, reproducing sound with great realism based on my very positive experience with the Duke 2.

I noticed the Parker Duo has an upgrade option for the ceramic tweeter with the diamond tweeter. That’s interesting. Did you hear the ceramic or diamond tweeter version? The Parker Duo has the passive radiator so I would expect the bass and dynamics to be better than the Duke 2.

The place where you audition the Parker Duo does not have the Duke 2?

I head the ceramic version. Diamond adds a huge amount to price and beyond my budget. Also listened to Tad ME 1 which were also very good. Parker seemed to have better base but will try both again as soon as I can.

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