Martin Logan ESL and Nap 500?

Hi all,
This is the first time I’ve posted on this forum (I used to post regularly on the last two iterations starting in the late 90s).
Not sure about the etiquette these days so forgive me if I’m stepping out of bounds.
I’d like to ask Abdabs19 how he’s enjoying his Martin Logan Summit X with the NAP 500. His is the only post I see with this configuration, and there are hardly any positive mentions of Naim-ML combos on the web.
I currently have 10 year old Quad 2905 powered by 252/250 (non DR) and though I have loved them it may be time to say goodbye because of their unreliability. Living in California there’s no easy way to repair Quads. I had to have faulty panels shipped to my house from the east coast 4 years ago and hire someone to replace them. It was quite an ordeal. Now another set is going out, and think it’s time to move on.
I love electrostatic and thought ML would be a great choice, but then read that 250 isn’t a good match for various reasons and can create distortion at low levels and clip at not-too-high levels.
I saw the post by Abdabs19 from 2019 stating his enjoyment from his MLs with NAP500.
Can I ask for an update a year later? Are you still enjoying them? Any issues that have come up with the Nap 500-ML combo?
If anyone else has had experience with this combo I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

Welcome back to the Naim forum Steve. If you put @ in front of a username then it will flag that post up to them. So in this case @Abdabs19 should alert them to your post.

Thanks Richard!

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I am using a set of ML Theos with a Nova / NAP250DR and they work wonderfully
Over time I have partnered them with various Audio Research and solid state and would say this is the happiest combo to my ears

Good Morning Steve,
Thanks to Richard, I will be pleased to help in any way that I can.
We are a very small group. Before I got the MLs I had tried ribbon speakers and thought they were brilliant. However, they cannot match the majesty of the Summit X. For some strange reason, electrostatics are just not very popular.
I would be surprised if the 250 would not be able to drive the MLs. I used to use mine with a 300 and it was fine. I think the load they offer is quite tolerant (compared with other speakers of this type).
Please let me know any detailed questions I may be able to help you with…

Thanks for the quick response!
From the moment I heard the Quads I knew electrostatic was exactly what I would want for the rest of my audiophile days. Perhaps not as loud as box speakers but the clarity, transparency, PRAT, and live-music experience connected me to the music like no other speakers I’d heard.
Today I found out that in the past four years an authorized Quad service business opened an hour away. Though the repair will be $$ still probably cost effective to have it done. However I would love to hear Martin Logan’s and I’ve still not decided whether to invest in fixing what I have or trying something new.
Good to hear your 300s drove the ML fine.
Thanks again and if I go down the ML route I’ll let you know.

My main concern about the ML was the integration with the low frequency units. However, this is brilliant and takes nothing away from the purity and space that the electrostatics project. I am fully with you about the magic of these transducers. Box speakers just sound confined and chesty by comparison.
Good luck with the Quads. Hope they continue to deliver good service after their trip to the shop.

If it’s any help a good friend of mine has been a resolute Quad fan for thirty plus years. I’ve slowly weened him over to Naim electronics and he now has a full 555/500 system driving his 2905’s. He has had a couple of panel problems and they’ve been back to the factory twice. This prompted him to look at alternatives. He’s listened to many expensive speakers but the only ones he’s ever liked (and bought) better than electrostatics are Naim 800 Ovators.

@Geko I’d love to hear a full 500 system with those orators. Must be nice!
In the meantime Ken Christiansen at Promusica in Chicago (who sold me my first naim gear-a nait3 in 1995) steered me to a guy in the states who rebuilds the quad panels with apparently as much care as the British Quad techs before they moved to China. I may have more than one panel blown in which case I may just have the whole speaker rebuilt with his panels. Kind of pricey but since I don’t think I’ll find speakers that I like more than the quads (that I could possibly afford) this will give me piece of mind that they’ll last for a long time.
Thanks for the advice!best,Steve

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