Martin McAloon

Martin McAloon, bass player with Prefab Sprout, will be playing locally in October, doing Sprout songs. I’m wondering if anyone has been him playing the material and what it’s like. I adore Prefab Sprout and wouldn’t want it to be a pale imitation that spoils my wonderful memories. I just can’t imagine them played without Paddy singing.

Hi Nigel

I understand that Paddy cannot play live due to his hearing issues. Crimson/Red was also a solo effort from Paddy for similar reasons.


Thanks for the heads up Nigel. I can see he is also playing bush hall in London, and being mildly obsessed with their output I might give it a whirl. What’s the worst that can happen? It could be disappointing or alternatively a fun evening.

You are quite right. I have my tickets and I’ll find out for myself in October. The tickets were selling like hot cakes, with 50% sold already, and they only went on sale yesterday.

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He has so many albums he has written that he has never recorded……sadly i wonder if we will ever hear them.

Out of interest which venue did you book? Sadly I now discover that I am away on holiday for the London gig at bush hall, and I couldn’t find any other dates booked down my way (London or south east).

It’s at The Spring in Havant on Saturday 14 October. It’s a nice venue, good sound and you can take your drinks in. All very civilised. 140 seats.

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I have my tickets for his December gig at The Cluny.
He’s played a few gigs up here in the north east recently and I think people were so ecstatic just to see anyone from Prefab Sprout performing, that he’s booked more dates off the back of it. It’s not Paddy but its something(!) They were the first band I saw live (1985) and were absolutely brilliant.

For those on Twitter, you can follow Martin on @CulpaFeliks and Wendy on @wendyfinnandmax
for updates. I’m hoping Martin will persuade Wendy to join him for the Newcastle gig . . .


I saw somewhere that Wendy Smith was very positive about his recent performances.

On all the albums he never got a singing credit.

This was from a while back

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