Master In TIDAL/Naim app

Dear Naim/TIDAL users

If you download albums to your playlist inside the Naim app, to play offline, for example a Master quality album from TIDAL (I have to go to the TIDAL app itself, a bit tricky, don’t know if there is an easier solution)… so will it also be played with the Master quality from the Naim app, or should it be indicated that it is a Master next to the album?
I just bought the NAC-N 272 preamplifier/streamer and am trying it out. As for the sound, my basis for comparison is my lovely CD player CDX2 with XPS power

Thanks Peter

Hi Peter, Naim do not support MQA in their streamers. When Tidal detects this it automatically selects a non-MQA version and plays that instead.
How exactly that is handled when you download music for offline listening I’m not sure. Does such a download play as MQA if you play it on your phone from the Tidal app?

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