Mate comes round, always fun

Well its always fun when a fellow hifi mate pops round for a listen.
Well this happened the other day and he loved it, said he had heard things in tracks that he never knew existed, thats always nice to here as sometimes i feel we can lose track of what we have. The only question is he said, is where do you go from here? I dont know was my answer, just enjoy i guess.
Anyway it was all going great until we tried the Rega P10. Right channel not working, after a bit of trial and error we worked out it was the cartridge. Not great as its not very old and hasn’t had much use, but i guess these things can happen and just when it was going so good lol

Had a similar thing with the Krystal on my Linn: a slightly loose connection at the headshell, easy fix.
Hope yours is an easy one too :slight_smile:

My apheta 2 had the same issue which turned out to be a fault in the cartridge. Rega changed it with no issues

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