Max Artwork Size

Is there a max artwork size, I’ve searched and can’t seem find any info.

I’ve got some artwork @ 1500x1500 from a Bandcamp download and the image looks sub 1500x1500 on my iPad Pro in the Naim app.

Without knowing what server or streamer you’re using I don’t think anyone can answer that.

As Chris says, it depends on th media server software.
I use Asset and it’s happy with big file size, that said it’s got an optional art size limit feature if you find one to be a slow opener. I have a few 2000 x 2000 & they are not a problem, but TBH once over 1000 sq I don’t see any visual benefits with anything bigger.

The default Synology default media streaming app.

I can’t see any option to resize the artwork.

Same here, anything bigger than 800x800 gets resized to that. That’s absolutely fine for a phone or tablet using the Naim app and even in the Linn Kazoo single track view on the laptop it looks fine.

Yes, some media server software will reduce image size. I guess this has a historical reason due to bandwith limitations (in the past). I use Minim and this renders fine. In the past I used the media server on my LaCie, but that was cropping the artwork image.

Some software also provides the option to reduce the size or not.

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