Maximizing/Tweaking the Uniti Nova

So what are we supposed to do with the performance chart the mfg gives out. Why don’t they spell it out there. The chart implies a much bigger range.
Edit: Got it, bin the chart, ask dealer.


I also have a Nova and along with my Allaes it makes wonderful music, I made an isolation support and even I heard a positive difference, the sound became tighter with more detail.


@obsydian I have been checking out the Audiophilleo today as well as the Berkeley Alpha USB which I think does the same thing. Regarding Audiophlilleo it doesn’t look like much has been updated (firmware, posts, videos, etc) in about 3 years - since 2017 or so. Do you have any concerns about continuing support, etc? Also did you ever look into the Berkeley Audio Alpha USB? It appears to be about $500 more than the full Audiophilleo/Pure Power combo.

I came so close to getting a Nova, but I found a mint NDS, basically unused, for an excellent price and added an SN2. But the Nova still beckons me. I love the simplicity.

I was wondering tho … if the Nova is a full-on streamer with all the new Naim tech, why do you need an Innous Zenith for $3k (cad)? Is it just for ripping and storage, or does it actually stream better than Naim’s current high-end digital tech?
Bear with me please, I’m fairly new to Naim gear.


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The Innuos servers are very versatile, and can perform pretty much all of the functions of a Naim streamer including Qobuz, Tidal, iRadio, Roon etc. They can be used into the USB input of a suitable DAC. When I spoke to an Innuos rep last year he said that their entry level Zen Mini was all you need if you use it as a server into a Naim streamer, and that the real benefits of the higher end models came when used via USB out into a DAC.
My own experience is that different servers can sound different, but that the differences are subtle at best, and I have never heard the huge differences that some people here have claimed. I’m half expecting to hear howls of protest from some who claim to hear huge differences, but that is my experience. Listen carefully, and decide for yourself.


I recall looking at the Berkeley but for the UK it was difficult to source or demo.
Others i looked at where the Schiit Etir, M2Tech and the Mutech which is what Innuos advised.

Audiophilleo updates yes 1.37 i think is a few years old but given it covers upto DSD+ and just about every sample rate, its future proof for a long while. Issues i had where only with the Pure Power (long story but i upgraded/downgraded to a AP1 MK2 SE without Pure Power).

Note the only way to add Pure Power after is to ship back to AP, who currently advise routing to Israel not USA.

Just out the Darko review, i read this a while after on the AP.

@ChrisSU reply is a comprehensive answer, i am in the Innuos brings a big improvement versus a Raspbery Pi, Zen Mini and Zen.

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Yes it took me a while to source the exact glass, the ball and cups where easy to source, i recall a nice improvement, compare that to the cost of the base and 1 tier for a full fat Fraim i purchased and a meagre improvement over the DIY Glass and Balls.


and @ChrisSU.
Hi. That’s good to know because with an NDS, I will eventually want the new digital tech.

But my original question was if the OP already has all the new tech with 2 Novas, why would he need to get digital streaming from Innous products?


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It is the GIGO principle and no different than Naim having the Naim Uniti Core feeding say the NDS or ND555.

Being a Naim sheep I initially disregarded everything and solely looked at the Uniti Core, plan was to buy blind, but i ended up reading about having to purchase a HD or SSD, then realising it was only local streaming, at the time a very poor app/firmware/tagging drama.

The latter put me off, plus the fact i near exclusive stream, very rarely i play ripped content.

So many here have looked at the Melco also.

Interestingly the Naim DAC V1 utilised an Audiophilleo based setup for the asynchronous USB.

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In my case regarding the Innuos, I have owned it for nearly 2 years (since it was released in late 2018) and have used it as a server, Roon core, and streamer in several different systems. So I already had it when I got the Nova. Also I am very fond of Roon and its ability to bring together my FLAC library alongside Qobuz and Tidal, etc and the ease of using the Innuos interface. I have tried the Naim streaming app (in addition to 2 Novas I also have 2 Muso QB 2s and a Muso 2) but I have noticed no real difference in sound quality over that and the Innuos, plus I have had more quirks and dropouts with the Naim app than I have with Roon by far.


Yes, of course, Roon integration. I thought there’d be something substantial.
And it sounds like some even prefer the SQ; and the various items, Melco Innuous, Auralic, will also rip CDs.

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Wired with a quality ethernet cable made a huge difference to my Uniti Star, so can only imagine the impact on a NOVA.


Yes with the configuration of the Innuos Zen and the Nova, since the Nova is acting as the streamer/player, the function of the Zen is limited to only the “Roon Core”/server and the Nova acts as the endpoint on the network. So there are some benefits of the Zen (acting as a player etc) that you don’t get with an all-in-one like the Nova. But it is very convenient, also rips CDs which is cool, and in my experience is very stable. I think if I was starting out without a server at all and the Nova, I’d take a hard look at the Nucleus for a Roon Core/server solution as again the strength in the Innuos is the quality of its streaming function. But with an all-in-one like the Nova it is not so much a big deal.

Something like @obsydian’s Audiophilleo tweaks or an etherRegen seems to be the way to go for me if I am to stick with the Innuos as a Roon Core/server and use the Nova as a streamer.

I am also curious about the benefit of a Naim Powerline with the Nova. I currently use a Transparent Premium power cable with the Nova, which is a little more than half the cost of the Powerline. I wonder if you are just paying a premium for the Naim badge or if there really is something to the synergy of the Powerline with Naim products vs other aftermarket power cables.

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I am using a CHFC PowerBlack IEC which is a fifth of the cost of a Powerline. A real improvement over the Powerline Lite. I haven’t tried a Powerline so can’t directly compare but several people on forum have expressed a preference over the Powerline. But that is other people’s opinion and not my own

Thanks for the clear info, I’ll be doing something progressive fairly soon, so it helps.
I think the etherRegen switch is in my future also, as I try to max out all the sensible tweaks and upgrades, without getting more boxes. Well, maybe a PS.

I also know what you mean regarding the Powerline. I was planning on a Powerline Lite until I read the next post from crispyduck. I did buy a Hi-line 5 to 5 pin Din to connect my NDS to my SN2, and it made quite a difference. I got it very cheap though.
But everyone that has a Powerline seems to recommend them.

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The above might be very useful to some of you here
I’m interested for my nova

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Not sure whether it counts as a tweak but the little mentioned webclient I find quite useful and saves scrabbling for the app or the remote. Short on prettiness and not fully featured but still useful.


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I think so, but only as an approximation. Really, the best tip I’ve heard is this provided by @JSQT, which in addition to being true is backed by the company’s Director of Sales in a private consultation…

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If you want outright SQ, ditch Roon (i did but really, really, really love it), and pick (demo) a USB to SPDIF Converter.

I skipped the full fat i think on the Nova, went Chord Signature (same price) was bloody, MCRU, Supra and Synergistic Research which is going nowhere. The Chord was great, the Supra/MCRU maybe the shielding or something else, just sucked the dynamics from the music.