Maximum Multiroom grouping

I don’t own any Naim products yet; I’d like to know what the maximum multi-room group size that naim supports? For example, how many uniti atoms can be grouped together for multiform playback: for Spotify whole-home listening (same track to all atoms).

And does this differ based on connection (wifi or ethernet)?


I think it depends on the product, do you have one in mind?

Uniti atom

You can have up to 5 streamers in a multiroom group. How well this works will depend on the quality of your network, and Naim used to recommend that you have no more than one wireless leg in a multiroom group with the old streamers, but the current models have better WiFi performance so may be less limited in this respect.

Hi @Afullmask

If the Uniti Atom is the master then it supports up to 8 multiroom rooms including itself. Wifi vs Wired is the same, but if the wifi reception has issues then it may need the master wired on ethernet to make it work reliably. On the Naim solution we don’t reduce the audio quality as number of rooms are added, which means that it puts more stress on the network.

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Naim Audio.

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Hi Steve, the Atom and other products online Support thingy says up to 5 in a group, so if it can do 8 you might want to change that?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the heads-up that it’s giving old info. The support system is in the process of getting redone, so it should get sorted then.

The 5 is for the older Bridgeco (muso Gen1 / green screen Uniti&Streamers) platform when on wired. It’s 4 on wireless on the older platform.

On the newer platform (Atom and derivs, or Muso/Qb Gen2) it’s upto 8.

When mixing old and new platform the device acting as master sets the limit.

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I have 3 wired access points (272/Atom/Muso Gen 1) and apart from the odd network issue occasionally all work reasonably well. I generally use the Atom as the master if I’m streaming to all 3.

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