Maybe a silly question

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Maybe a silly question but it needs to be asked. I have a 62/hicap/160BD system, with a pair of Ruark Icon, source is a ipod with a Apple dock. No special cables except for the interconnect for the dock to the 62, it’s a RA 3.5mm to din and Chord Carnival speaker cable 4m. All Naim kit got serviced over 10 years ago, but has not been used a great deal.

My main system is 72/hicap/180, CD3.5/flatcap, Linn Sara xlr type, Linn Sondek LP12 with Lingo, naca5, mains cables are RA classic and Reference and Powerblock. Naim serviced about 5 years ago.

After playing with both systems this weekend, I decided to put the Ruark in the main system and was disappointed with the sound there was not a lot of bass, mid and top end was ok, but the sound was really flat/dull. This was with both vinyl and CD. Tried the pod in it and it was also dull. I thought the 180 would really make the Ruark sing, but no it didn’t.

The 180 really sounds great powering the Sara, but not the Ruark. The 160 just hits the Ruark right and makes them sing. Tried the 160 with the Sara, but the 180 has the edge, but not by a massive amount.

I just don’t get why the old faithful 160 can make the Ruark sing, but the 180 missed out on driving the Ruark. Started to think the CB equipment is better or have I missed something.

Tried all of the CB with the Sara and WOW it sounds awesome, but just slightly softer on the top end.

Why does the 62/hicap/160 sound so good.

Many Thanks for your information.

Good question Bern12

The 160 is very sought after for some reason, it has a sweet sound, I have had both the 160 and 250 bolt down CB’s driving a variety of speakers in years gone by, the 250 better with Sara’s which need more grunt but the 160 was preferred with a range of other speakers

Just hits the mark but can’t explain , it just does


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