MBL 126,.speaker

MBL 126

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:small_blue_diamond:Is it anyone here who has listened to,.or has experience with this speaker…MBL 126.?

It costs £9,751 in Sweden.


I’ve only seen them when I heard the 101 and the xtreams at Munich in 2017. The 101’s left me wanting to investigate their more “affordable” offerings on a 500 series. The MBL system that was set up with the 101 xtreams was the most lifelike I’ve ever heard from a stereo, there was a lap top for file selection but I don’t know where the files were stored. The system did however rather highlight a poor recording when someone produced a CD. They’re on my list to investigate nevertheless so I’ll be interested to hear of any experiences, particularly with Naim.

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one of the greatest boxswappers in the audiophile world has kept his mbl for years now !!! so they must be good !!

The MBL range is one Omni brand that I have yet to hear, and I should some day. Omni’s are certainly a different presentation, one you will either love or potentially hate. Generally not much mid way for most people.

I love Omni/Omni-types of speakers, my current Duevel Venus are quite lovely sounding. I have owned Shahinian, Larsen, Ohm Walsh in the past, they all bring interesting takes on the music, to me maybe a more realistic view overall.

Hopefully you will get a chance to listen to the MBL and be able to make your own judgement on them! Have fun!

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