MC boards for Supex SD 900 cartridge

Will Naim 323 K MC Phono Boards work with a Super SD 900 cartridge in a Nac 62 please?

It’ll work ok, although S boards were ideal for the Supex 900.

Thanks Richard. What is the S board number please. Is it simply 323 S?

Do any other boards fit the Nac 62 that will work with that cartridge please and when you say that 323 K will work OK can you elaborate a little please?

Many thanks


The FAQ here has more information on the phono boards. The difference between S and K is loading and also high frequency roll off - the S being steeper than the K.

I’m not technical I’m afraid Richard. I sold my Nac 62, Nap 140 to someone in Mauritius and it has MM boards. So, I am trying to find suitable boards for his cartridge.

So, would the 323 K boards do a reasonable job (he is 79 so, hearing will not be that critical possibly) or, would Naim convert the MM boards or convert the 323 K boards perhaps?

It’ll likely be fine. If you want S particularly then it’s a fairly easy change - just a few components. You might wish to contact someone like Class A who are Naim approved for a quote to include a service of the boards.

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Thank you Richard. Much appreciated.

As a matter of interest would NA328-2 boards work in a Nac 62 with the Supex SD 900 cartridge snd does anyone know the size and weight of these boards (or 323K) packed for shipping please as, I have to get a price for shipping?

No, NA328s are variable “CD” boards unsuitable for phono use. The forum FAQ explains all.

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Ok, thank you Richard.

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