Mcintosh MR71

Hi all,
I found this tuner in a vintage hi fi shop close to my place, asking for Euro 900 full serviced and very nice cosmetic conditions.Can someone tell me how it will perform if connected to my 282/200?Thank you.

It was one of the great tuners from the 60’s, if serviced it should sound wonderful. Perhaps @Richard.Dane has come across one on a naim set up in his travels?

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Gaz, I have lusted after one for many years, but expensive these days and rare…


So,Richard,a apart from the high cost, would you suggest it to me?Thank you.
Thanks Gazza.

I’d definitely jump at the chance to try one - I’ve never had or used, so hard to recommend, but it has quite a reputation…

I see, thank you.

Little misunderstanding here…the price of €900 is referred to an MR65 which they also have in the shop.The shop owner wasn’t there when I asked for the 71.The woman I asked for was just wrong…Sad news.The price of the 71 is €1300.That being the case I think I will save my money for an Sme IV or a Supercap in the future.

Or if a Marantz 10B suddenly appears then save your money for that one…

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There’s one on that web site,for Euro 3400…

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