Me mam

Please forgive this small indulgence.

It would have been my ma’s 87th birthday today (April 10). Like all true Glasgow girls, she loved to dance. This was snapped mid-bop at an RAF bash in (I think) the mid-60s.

What a gal!


Never ask for forgiveness to celebrate our parents. Lovely picture, treasure it.
BTW…I’d say early 70s than 60s.


Lovely picture indeed - Dancing is a great healthy free drug that many more of us should indulge in. I hope you inherited that vest for life :slightly_smiling_face:


Cheers to the memory of your lovely mom.

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You’re right, Neil. I just checked with my sis, who tells me it’s Biggin Hill in the early 70s.

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My mom had me late in life. she went out with my father to the theatre and they could not get tickets


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