Meanwhile, in South Florida

We had to tent the house to get rid of termites, which love this part of the world. So we went with Motherwell colours (the car was there only briefly):

And holed up here for the duration:

It was a gas:


Is that a termite I see in the bottom of the picture wearing a face mask?


Looks like a very nice place to stay temporarily.

But I have a question about who pays for the termite treatment. Is it taken care of under insurance? As it’s a known problem. And what type of poison is used? Never heard of Vikane.

Yes, the house is covered by a pest control plan, which includes occasional tenting. Vikane is the brand name for sulfuryl fluoride.

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I think the Sunday Mail might like your first picture for tomorrow’s paper :slight_smile:

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You’ll have Jessie and Walt round soon. :grinning:

I was hoping so, but they didn’t show. At least, not that I know of!

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