Melco and ethernet cables with naim streamer

Hi all. I have a ndx2 with 555 dr ps and I am exploring network switching and ethernet cables. I am currently looking at a melco switch and AQ vodka so peoples thoughts and experiences of using this upgrade equipment would be most welcome :pray:

I use AQ Vodka. I tried the Melco switch and unusually i really disliked it, being too soft and rounded sound wise. I have an Uptone etheregen daisy chained to an Innuos Phoenixnet. There is no substitute for a-home demo imo.


Thanks Gaza. Both items mentioned are coming for home demo. My system is 252/supercap dr/ndx2/555 dr ps/300dr/kudos 606 and chord sarum t throughout.

Wish you the best……take your time. The Phoenixnet has a oven temperature clock….it needs a lot of time to reach its best, and then left on. The Melco is more ambivalent to set up, if you like it.
For me i would give the PN at least 24 hours….but thats just me.

I didn’t care for the Melco either and found the PhoenixNet vastly superior. In fact the EE8 worked far better in my system at less than half the cost.

If you’re using Sarum T everywhere else, you might consider trying it between whatever switch and the streamer.

The results of your home test would be great to hear. I am in a similar position.

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