Melco Back Up Error 120

I have a new Melco N10 that won’t recognise the back up disk. It won’t erase or format the disk, I just get Error 120 in the N10’s front panel which means it doesn’t recognise the disk, but I can feel that the back up is spinning.
Attaching the disk to my Mac the disk works fine, I can format it however I want and I can transfer music onto it, either across the network, or from other disks.
This suggests to me there’s a problem/incompatibility with the Melco? Is there anything else I could try to troubleshoot this?
I’ve asked Melco directly and so far all they have done is say try all the usual erase/format processes visa the N10’s from panel. Of course, I can’t do that as the N10 won’t recognise the disk in the first place.
In the meantime I can do a workaround on the backup, but it’s not a cheap unit, I feel if it’s not backing up properly, it’s not working properly?
Any thoughts gratefully received.

Sorry no ideas. I bought and use a 4tb La Cie back up drive and that works fine.

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Thanks @Gazza
I’ll wait for a response from Melco. To be fair they said they’d be happy to come around and check it, but as the guy has to come up from Salisbury (I’m in London), I wanted to save him a journey and try and fix it myself, especially if it’s just one of those stupid things.
The unit seems to be working perfectly in every other respect, so I thought there might be a simple fix?
Maybe a different disk will be the answer, but then Melco should publish a list of compatible disks. Anyway, mystery continues for the time being. I thought I’d post here and at least publish the fix from Melco for others’ future reference.

Might be worth trying another brand from say amazon……if it does not work it is easy to return.

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Is the drive USB powered?
If so it may require additional USB power when used with the Melco
You can try a splitter cable


Thanks Roger. That’s something Melco didn’t mention, but worth looking into as the drive is USB powered. I can hear the drive spinning when connected to Melco, but it doesn’t recognise it, so maybe separate power is the answer? I’m see if I can try a splitter cable.

Very kindly, Melco are sending a disk for me to try (presumably one they’ve already tested) which should help the troubleshooting process. I will report back for other Melco users once I’ve done the testing.

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