Melco File permissions

Is anyone else having trouble moving files within the Melco device after download?

I have found that files I have ripped myself using DB once downloaded to the Melco drive itself (from USB storage, via my MacBook) become read only. I cannot rename, move them on the drive or in some cases delete them.

Files I have ripped directly to the Melco via a USB CD Drive connected to it, do not have these restrictions.

Melco support tell me this is due to the Gracenote license restrictions, but I am not sure I believe them.

Has anyone else witnessed such behaviour?


I had an issue was not exactly the same as yours but similar.
You could try backing the Melco drive up to a USB drive using the backup function then putting the backed up files on the drive. I had problems changing the artwork because of Gracenote license restrictions and using backed up files fixed it.

Are you connected to the Melco as nobody with password nobody as that gives you the most tights to change things.


Thanks Ian.

For some reason the issue is when I use my own USB and hand copy it over to the Melco via the MacBook. I have spoken to Melco support and they are sending me some instructions to work on. Quite good support really, but I’ll have to see if their proposal works.

They did mention the Gracenote issue… But I am not sure its related.

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