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I have a question to deal with my large library. I currently have a Melco1Z with 6TB capacity and a “normal” extension harddisk of 5TB. Originally my collection was inside the 6TB, then I installed the additional disk and moved less used music there…, after some time that didn’t work anymore and so I was left with a mixed setup. And obviously the music quality directly from the Melco is the best. However I now have reached again the limit of my library. And while it’s not so aggressively growing anymore, I still buy regularly new music and especially highres. Looking for some opinions about where to go from here. Obviously wanting to get more music on the quality level of Melco. Design limitation is that the Melco doesn’t fit on a regular level in the Fraim given the need for the connections to Ethernet, electricity and potentially new music to be integrated via usb.
So options I see and I would like to hear your opinion on or hear other options…

  1. Buy an additional Melco 1Z and put it physically on top of the first Melco. Popular music on one Melco, classical on another. Advantage could still extend both the Melco’s with an extension “normal” HDD for less played music. Would give me potentially gross 22TB
  2. Buy a Melco N10 and daisy chain 4 additional E100 drives - would give me gross 15TB, and while I would need to create two new Fraim levels - would have the benefit of one total library.
  3. Stay with my current Melco and daisy chain 3/4 additional E100 drives. Would give me potentially 15 to 18TB.
  4. Go to the Melco 1Z with SDD 4Tb and daisy chain 3/4 additional E100 drives. Would give me 16TB.
  5. Any other option in one box with Melco sound quality ?

Obviously soundquality is an important criteria for me. And of course I would also need to see what the additional costs would be of every option. For instance options 2-4 would also involve additional frame changes.

So what would you advise as the best balance of costs and sound quality. And by the way I have given up on expecting Melco to come with a 8TB options which seemed to be an option earlier this year.

Well as you already have the N1, then i would just add more E100’s to it.
Plus if you remove the standard rear leg and swap it for an extra front leg, you will find that the N1 range will just work, as in cables missing the rear naim leg, this is what i did, but i now have a N10, this is obviously shorter and so not a problem.
I guess a N10 and then 4 extra E100’s would fit nicely in a medium height fraim, that would certainly look the best, but obviously an expensive way to do it.

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Is the switch to the the N10 worth while from an sound perspective. So enough to allow for the additional costs ?

I have the N1ZS/20 still, but swapped over to the N10.
I found the N10 to sound more open and forward, compared to the N1, that was more organic and smoother, this new sound suits my rossini dac and system more, its not massively different, but it is different.

New anniversary model has now 5TB, guess the rest of their series will increase capacity later. Innous goes up to 8TB SSD now…

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