Melco N10 & N100, difference

Having looked inside both the melco N10 & N100, they look the same? Is it just the power supply that’s the main difference? The board looks the same, with the same components on it.
Also anyone tried a different power supply on the N100? As did a search and found a few details on some, but interested to hear from anyone that has done it.

Interesting, i stumbled upon the mcru website and they are melco dealers and have a N100 power supply. But was surprised they had the new S100 ethernet power supply, unless its one and the same.

The difference is also in the size of the hard disk, N10 is 3tb, N100 2tb, I have an N10. I have the D100 and S100 on Sbooster power supplies (12volt 1amp, the Sbooster website tells what works with what). I prefer Sbooster to MCRU, Sbooster give a bigger richer sound (to my ears), though the box is ugly but then again they are easly put out of sight behind the main box.

Thanks Peter

ps I got the ampage wrong hanging upside down, it’s 12v 2.3amps.

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The sbooster looks great valve and you would hope it would improve over the standard melco wall power supply.
Also if it does improve the sound, then this makes the N100 even better valve and with the power supply being separate and not in the case like the other older versions, it fould just turn out to be a right star.
As lije i said in my first post, looking inside both the N10 and N100, it all looks the same, yes the N10 has an extra storage but then 2 tb is still a lot and i haven’t even got 1tb on mine, plus its easy to add extra if you need it.
But for just over £2K with a sbooster thats a saving of over £4K over the N10, now all we need is a test of them both and see what the difference is

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I can only comment on the N10, I have only listened to the N100 with the standard powersupply. With that it sounds very nice but I had close to 2tb of music and the N10 was a bit more detailed to my ears, for either there is always the E100 for an extra 3tb of storage, potentially you could add 2 E100.

Why don’t you go to a dealer and hear the difference between the two?
I have an N10, and before that I had an N1. Manufacturers are not playing a game with us. The more expensive models within their ranges almost invariably sound better, but you have to judge whether it is value for your money.

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I hope I will not make an error if I choose to go for the next model of Melco, the n1z2. I have now the n1h2.
I can’t compare both, only trust some persons on forums who have compared.
My dealer has only the same model as me.

Its hard to find anywhere that will demo the N10 and the N100 but with an upgrade to its power supply.
I can only guess that the poor standard power supply that comes with the N100 would hold it back a bit, but what degree i dont know.
But as i said looking inside the 2, i can’t see a difference in the boards at all and all the components look the same? So is it just the extra power supply box and 1tb, that you are paying for? If so maybe a sbooster at £300 odd is a bargin to add to the N100.
Think i need to try one and see what it does


I have a sbooster on order, so will see what it does to the N100. As been told by a few hifi dealers that it brings a nice improvement.
For the low cost I just have to try one, as I have a nice spare power cable to supply it with and it must be better than the crap Walmart plug that comes standard.
One deal said that it lifts it so much that it’s a very close call to the N10 and beats all the others in the melco range? Well if it does I will be in for a nice surprise

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Between the n1h2 and n1z2 there’s 3k price difference. I doubt it’s only a power supply difference.
However it would be good to save money.

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Not the n1hz/2 as that’s still above the N10, I was on about the ones below the N10. Sorry for confusion.

Dunc, the range is n100 > n1h2 > n1z2 > n10. Replaced soon by EX series.
My dealer was not impressed by the N100. Between the h and z models, there is 3k difference.

There are no free market meals…N10 is a different beast, they just look similar as a cat to a lion

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Well i dont know lol, did think the 10k nz was still top and then the N10.
Anyway i do know the N100 is held back massively by its power supply and a better supply is a great way to improve it. By how much i dont know, but for a total cost of just over £2k new, i am willing to give it a try. As i said been told it takes it to much newer heights, but we will see as mine came in today to the dealer.
But as i said looking into both the N10 and N100, the only difference i could see was, the hard drive and power cable connection. Looking at the specs on the melco site, it reads it runs the same processor etc and has the same hard drive mounting, so maybe the N100 with a sbooster is the bargain melco? And if like the dealer said, its gets it very close to the N10, I will be a very happy guy with a nice £4k extra in my pocket. Bonus

It gets very close to the N10, said your dealer ? It’s a joke Dunc. The joke is your dealer. Sorry to say.
The N100 with sbooster can approach the N1h2. Not the N1z2 and certainly not the N10.

Have you tried comparing them all together? As i haven’t i must say. Only saying what i have been told by not just one hifi dealer.
The newer design N100 is already on par with the more expensive old design, all be it the bottom of the range and thats like i said with its crap, hold back its performance power supply. I have found a few different reports on the N100 and different power supply and they have all said that it improved it.
So even if it only takes it up the next level, thats fine as its it’s still a great saving.
Anyway looking forward to seeing if it makes much or any difference on my system and more importantly my old ears. As i have found out once you get to a certain point, then its gets hard to hear a big difference in sound, but easy to feel the price difference in your wallet lol.

It gets close to the N10 that’s what the dealer said? he said okey…I know some guys thinking that Nap 250 is close to Nap 500 and 252 to 552 or NDS to ND555…everything can be close it depends who is listening

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Or who is selling. If a person says I have 2k budget, the dealer will often say that the 2k Melco is close to the 9k one. It’s often the case.
And I agree, who listens too. Some will not distinguish surimi from caviar :laughing: