Melco N10 part 2

Only dBpoweramp I always use

Yes you can do that just drag the album from the Melco import folder to a pc and use dBpoweramp, EAC or to re tag MP3tag. The import on the D100 has missed some art work on my brief try i.e. the number 1 uk album this week Jeff Lynne’s ELO : From out of nowhere. It’s about as good as using Itunes to rip (I do an mp3 copy on a pc to use in the car). I’ve always paid a lot of attention to tagging since I started ripping in the early 1990s.

But it can’t fix 10% of your missing tags?

Sorry if I misunderstand.

NB make sure art work is sub 500 x 500 and add a copy into the file as well as embeding with a tagging programme or some players will not show it even though it is there.

Is this a new N10? Only reason for asking, there was an announcement in May that there was to be an upgrade which combined Minim Server and Songkong, due in August. I’ve been waiting patiently, but it doesn’t seem to have happened.

Or more in my case…

Can it play simply using folder hierachy and filename?

Yes it is about 2 month old according to the dealer. There is due to be an update that integrated Minim and Songkong automatically but Melco has n’t rolled it out yet.

Yes with Minim you can browse by folders.

Too bad you can’t connect Asset media with Melco…Asset app is best

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I’d rate Asset about the same as Minimserver. But like anything else, assuming all the hardware is working optimally, metadata is key.

You can browse folder view in Minimserver.

I agree, I run both on a Qnap nas. The key is having the correct metadata for the two to work on. Which is perhaps what Songkong could do and in effect what Roon does do (it’s a shame it has no folder browsing!).

“Quite impressive” is hardly a ringing endorsement. I found it transformational.
Also curious as to why you would use Minim rather than Roon, which seems to me to offer so much more in terms of enjoyment of the music experience - albeit not in SQ terms.

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@RipVanRadio Well I had only had it on for an hour at that point, I’ve had some time to have a good listen now you are right it certainly transforms digital music in an astonishing way. My son was sceptical until he listened tonight it betters his Melco with SSDs. I have Roon running on my pc, I have a year subscription, if it would allow folder browsing I would keep it as I have my music well ordered and tagged, I can find more about my collection with google. Roon did n’t like the bootleg copies, the youtube rips and one offs from bandcamp. The D100 is also a star in its own right.

Thanks Peter. That clarifies matters, but what is ‘Folder Browsing’ and why does it matter?

Just the ability to navigate via folders. I was never an itunes user, always a pc user so I always find music by folders and somtimes genre tags almost all my early computer music was on DAPs which in the early days also navigated by folders. So I just find it easier. I do n’t even use/make play lists.

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I’ve never been an I tunes user either, but Roon is so easy to use that I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take it on a permanent basis.

It’s certainly marmite, it’s a useful addition just not my go to.

@catswhiskers for info the EX software release is due 1st. December.

Thanks, I’ll keep my eye open for it.

here are the details