Melco N10 part 2

Thanks Peter. That clarifies matters, but what is ‘Folder Browsing’ and why does it matter?

Just the ability to navigate via folders. I was never an itunes user, always a pc user so I always find music by folders and somtimes genre tags almost all my early computer music was on DAPs which in the early days also navigated by folders. So I just find it easier. I do n’t even use/make play lists.

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I’ve never been an I tunes user either, but Roon is so easy to use that I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take it on a permanent basis.

It’s certainly marmite, it’s a useful addition just not my go to.

@catswhiskers for info the EX software release is due 1st. December.

Thanks, I’ll keep my eye open for it.

here are the details


Do you have any further update on the D100 ripper, and any comparison with other direct rippers to the Melco like the Buffalo BRXL ?

Have you tried it as a CD transport ?

Hi, yes I’m using it with a Aurorasound Hiface 2 and bus power pro into the BNC of my NDX2 it sounds very good that way. I also tried through a Chord TT onto my preamp also sound very good, adding the Chord DAC sound. I’ve got a Sbooter power supply attached to D100 have upgraded the cables to Wireworld starlight red 7, usb and coax. Comparing it to my CD5 XS + XPS the sound is very similar to how that sounded when it went into the N-dac. The D100 is a very good CD player in its own right just a bit complex to set up.

Thank you.

I am actively considering a D100 for my 2020 budget to replace the Buffalo drive I have (which is in itself definitely better ripping to the Melco instead of via DBPoweramp/bog-standard drive onto a PC then transferring the files).

First I am about to set up a NUC with additional SSD running Roon Rock with a LPS. Then I will trial a D100 for ripping to the NUC and into my Melco - comparing the results playing out via my ND5 XS2 using Roon, vs. the Melco direct - both into my Chord DAC.

The CD transport method is of secondary interest to me - but useful to have for sampling charity-shop CDs !

The D100 makes very good rips, I’ve used a pc, a £150 buffalo dirve and now the D100. Direct comparison with the same cd ripped the D100 is much better. I have Roon on a pc but I only use it as a look up tool, I prefer the sound from Minim, some how it just feels a bit more ‘alive’.

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Good to hear that. I remember the thread where a lot of members as @Mike-B, @nbpf, @Innocent_Bystander, @Xanthe were saying that it’s not possible. Dbpoweramp is all you need.
At that time I was saying that my unitserve rips were better sounding vs dbpoweramp.

I do hope Qobuz and Tidal take note and use Melco to do their rips.


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That is why I purchased mine. I tried all alternatives that apparently did the same thing and even measure the same ‘result’ - but they did not sound as good either when my Dealer did tests (with me present - I asked ‘why is this needed’) presuming it would make no difference and it did on their system and also on mine.
There has been a long arduous discussion with people confident it makes no difference - impossible - etc. They all have in common they do not try it.

I respected someone who did and he disliked the rip - but it was acknowledging it was different where it should be ‘no different’ - but he also disliked the Melco and it may be that if you like Melco SQ effect then the D100 does more of that so you will like that.

A friend looked at the ordering of the low-level packing metadata and it is different, but not in any way that impacts the rip being perfect copy - in short I have no idea why, but it is repeat demonstrable - even to people who I’ve actually seen go into a panic in the flesh here when I ripped their disc with D100 and we played in on my Melco in a folder next to the rip they brought around on a USB pen, so both data files on the same Melco disk drive - both the same perfect rip, but the D100 one was obviously clearer and had better timing.

In the end I wanted to rip all my hundreds of CDs once, so that justified the purchase.

But I agree it should make no difference at all if only considering the usual measure of the rip being perfect.


I guess in terms of measuring the perfect rip…measuring technology needs to catch up?

I’ve really no idea what is happening. I heard what the Melco Designer said and I just don’t believe all of how he thinks it does this. He did say the data is ‘packed differently’ but how that manifests as SQ changes I do not know.

My problem is I listened to the result A-B and B-A and it is rather obvious - and did lots of repeat tests after. It was very hard to ignore this just because I wanted a cheaper solution - I agree it is pretty crazy stuff.

If it is how the low-level bit-level storage of the data is managed and the rip is otherwise perfect as it should be then a retrospective process should be possible to re-pack produce the D100 effect. But too many ‘ifs’ and no other solution pushed me to get the D100 so I could rip my CDs once and not have a science project ahead of that.


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I understand your Minim media is inside Melco server, can you also transcode your files to wav?

Interestingly with the MelcoHD app and the MconnectHd you can stream Tidal and Qobuz to your Naim they sound slightly different to via the Naim. I’m not sure which I prefer but I doubt it is because the ripped using a D100 :thinking:

Yes it has all the functionality as Minim on a Qnap.

Use this setting in this box stream.transcode flac:wav

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It may make me rip my collection again, its that good but that’s retirement project!