Melco N100 and Naim Muso 2

I have a Melco N100 connected directly to the USB input of my Moon amp in my main system. It is connected to my router via ethernet to allow use of the control app and for accessing on-line data for CD ripping.

I am thinking of purchasing a Naim Muso 2 for our kitchen. Just a few questions for those more experienced than me - hope people can help.

  1. Can the Muso access the Melco library wirelessly and play from it?

  2. If I transferred some music to a USB stick for the Muso would this be better than wireless playback over the local network? Is there a limit to how much music the Muso can deal with on a USB stick?

  3. If my wife is playing music via the Muso wirelessly over our local network then can I still play music from the Melco via USB to my main system? Would there be any impact on quality due to more than one device playing music simultaneously?


Your Melco is able to run a UPnP server such as Minimserver or Twonky which a Muso will be able to see. I would expect it to be able to play from the server at the same time as it plays from its USB output although I haven’t tried this with a Melco.
If your Moon amp has a network input rather than only a USB DAC input you may find it better to use this so that both systems stream over your network.

Copying music to a USB stick will work fine on a Muso, but you will only be able to browse the files using a basic folder view with no artwork visible. Fine for a handful of albums but I wouldn’t want to run a large library like that.

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Thanks Chris. The Moon amp doesn’t have a network input so I’m stuck with USB. That however is the preferred connection for Melco devices apparently. My wife plans to use a number of USB sticks with only two albums on each so no great problem with browsing. If we end up purchasing the Muso then I’ll experiment with streaming to it.

At present my other half uses a Denon micro system with some Dali speakers in the kitchen. It sounds better than it has any right to for the money. She spends a lot of time in there so listens to most of her music on the little Denon system rather than our main lounge system. That was the thinking behind possibly purchasing a Muso, but to be honest I’m not entirely convinced it will be a massive improvement over the Denon sound wise, considering the outlay. Plus my other half would rather play CD’s and has zero interest in streaming so many of the key features of the Muso will be entirely wasted on her.

Need to give this more thought before splashing out I think. Thanks again for clarifying things for me.

I guess there’s no guarantee a Muso will sound better than your existing setup. There’s only one way to find out.
If your wife doesn’t want to browse music on a phone or tablet I guess she could treat USB sticks a bit like CDs. Stick them in, select the USB input and press play. Simple, and they should sound as good as a stream from the network.

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