Melco owners: backup via USB

I have an USB disk connected to my melco for backup. Now, I checked if it‘s possible to attach that USB drive and read the content on my Mac- but it doesn‘t show any files. Any idea how to see what’s stored on it? Mac reports that the diks capacity space is in use (free capacity).

The files are inside a folder of name “.Anas.bak” and the leading dot makes the folder invisible (Unix convention)

One way to make it visible is to hold down the Command, Shift and Period keys:
“cmd + shift + [.]”

Many thanks alainbil, will try this soon?
Can you access the backup files then?

Yes, but IMHO you should not modify anything in this folder.

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I was given contrary advice that may be out of date, so it might be worth asking Melco direct.
I bought an N1a in 2017 and asked for help with a problem. I had a CD that ripped but played with continuous clicks. Checking the disc there were pinholes in the silvering. I got a replacement and in theory reripping should have overwritten the faulty rip. It didn’t. The explanation was that the relationship with Gracenote meant that it was not always possible to edit directly to the installed drive. The answer was to always work on the backup and then to restore.

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I can’t advise on an apple machine but in Windows I can certainly access and play the files in the folder mentioned above.
Also be aware that if you have an external expansion drive connected to your Melco such as the E100 the back up only seems to back up the files on the internal drive in the Melco so I have to copy the files on the expansion drive directly to my back up NAS via ethernet.
Does any Melco user know differently please?

can’t answer that since I only have the internal drive…

With both Windows and OSX you can access and play the files in the folder mentioned above. you can copy the files to another device, but you should not modify these files.

Just checked the price for N10, few weeks ago they called here roughly 7400€ now 8400€… 3TB only…that‘s a lot! Does one know if they change rhe design or something internally?

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