Melco Regret

Is there anyone in this forum who had or still has Malko as a server for his Nd555,Ndx2 but regrets that he did not buy a regular nas or Unity Core for less money.

One I’m guessing…


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No. I have a regular nas. My Melco is better.

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Which kind of Melco?

My Melco replaced a QNAP…to my ears, the Melco is vastly superior.


Did you try before Unity Core?

N10 very pleased with it

I have also as yours N10 sound is good but I suspect sometimes it changed the Naim sound character

Nope, would buy it again - even the bigger unit if my pocket is deep enough…

I see in your wall Melco and innuos …two nas what for?

I was an early Melco adopter and only moved mine on when it became superfluous to requirements when I moved over to Roon. I’ll also mention the excellent support from Alan Ainslie. After 2 years of ownership, mine wouldn’t boot. A quick Email to Melco support and a reply was back within an hour. As Alan was only 10 mins away from me, he offered to look at it so I dropped it over to him later that day and he fixed it FOC, even though it was out of warranty (He put two new HDD drives in to be sure). Excellent service.


For Fun:-) I run the melco as storage for ND555, roon core has access to it… and Innuos via usb connected with ayre DAC…

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Never had any regrets with my Melco’s. First started with the base Melco and then switched to the middle one with 6TB which I am still enjoying every day…

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Okey I understand but do you suspect of any change to Naim character in terms of sound?

It’s an enhancement for the Naim sound. It doesn’t change the Naim sound at all.

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No regret at all. For me it improves the sound quality of my Naim source. Had before the Unitserve, then Unitserve/ linear ps, then tried a Uniticore some days.
Then Melco n1h2.
Today the Melco n1z2, which is really in another league vs the Uniticore.
Don’t find the prat has decreased. And all other areas improved.

I regret reading this thread but I suppose that doesn’t count.



I’d regret spending so much money on a Nas.


Only regret i have with melco, was buying the base N100, when i should have aimed higher.
Anyway sorted that as now the very happy owner of a lovely N1ZS/2 and it sounds fantastic running in my system

N1ZS/2 and N10 are very good not less