Melco with Naim

I have purchased a s/h Melco N1A/2 with a Buffalo cd drive. I love the concept and it gave a lift also, soundwise. It sound best connected to a Cisco 2960 switch. Its set up due to the software manual and it works nicely, I manage to rip Cds and I find the Melco from a Mac.

I`ve used Twonky so far. When I choose to install Minimserver I get “error”. I guess I have to subscribe first?

Second, I have activated Songkong for metadata admin. When scanning the small amount of cd`s I have ripped from musicfix from the Mac, it says scanning done, but no changes made due to preview version. I guess this has to do with the lack of the latest EX software? Mine is version 3.92.

To get full potensial out of it and before I subscribe to Minimserver, should I pay for the EX software version? How to get startet with Minimserver and Songkong?

Input appreciated, Thanks in advance. Stover :blush:

I can’t respond to your question.
But I had that Melco before and now the N1z2. In the network set up from the screen, don’t forget to enable the bridge mode, not the direct mode. Maybe you knew that. It sounds really more involving.
For me and others it sounds best when the Naim streamer is connected to the second lan port. The Melco to switch.

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Thanks FR, guess I have to route my questions to Melco.
Set to network mode, guess that`s the same as bridge? Alternative option is direct mode.

Yes, bridge.
As for your questions, be patient, some can respond.
Maybe @Darkebear

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Don’t think @Darkebear has the EX software, the OP might be better off giving Melco a call?

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“Melco Master Dealers” (e.g. Audio Therapy or Signals) and ADMM (UK Melco importers) are very helpful in my direct experience.

I had a N1A/2 upgraded to EX as soon as EX was launched, and that helped me sell it on. I now have a N100 with a Plixir power supply, as well as D100, good quality in a modern compact form factor.

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Why did you move to the N100, after EX upgrade?

I have sent Melco an email.
Thanks :blush:

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No - Songkong is a separate bit of software that got bundled with Melco Server boxes with an initial ‘trial’ version that allows you to do useful but limited edits for a while (a year or so) before deciding if you want to pay for the license to enable full use. After that it seems to die and become inactive. :frowning_face:

The Melco had originally the Twonky server software installed which I prefer SQ-wise over Minim server software which I also tried - thinking that there would be no difference in SQ and finding in my set-up otherwise.

Later Melco software may integrate aspects of Songkong and Minim - here I am presently out of the loop as I still have my old Melco (N1Zh-2 - 6TB HD) and software and have not used the later version - others will give the accurate answer.



Thanks DB
I have pointed my questions to Melco, hopefully they will answer. If not, distributor can help.

I was actually looking at the N100, but this unit showed up, nearly unused and to a fair price. N100 with the newest software may have made this simpler.


@Peter1480 uses the Melco EX . Can perhaps help

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@Stover I’m running an N10 with EX, Songknong and Minim both work very well, I have licence for both which you can do through their respective websites. I also run Roon from a NUC through the N10 to my NDX2 both direct by ethernet and via USB through a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB usb/spdif converter (see my profile for my set up). You can contact Melco through their web site also they are fast to respond if you have a problem.
Personally I preferred the sound from Minim over Twonky but Minim is more difficult to use, you would have to try both to see which you prefer the difference in some music is quite pronounced if you like Classical go Twony if you like Rock go Minim would be my synopsis. Songkong is very useful for adding cleaning up tags and artwork, I find and the changes are quite customisable depending on how invasive you want it to be. You can also install it on a pc and run it from there to interrogate your Melco if you prefer. You do both procedures via a browser, I find Chrome works best. You can make Roon prefer Songkongs tags which can sometimes be an advantage in my library, if I get frustrated with Roon there is always folder/file browsing with Minim and the Naim app.


Wow, that was something :slight_smile: :blush:

To make it short; I get an error from the Melco when I try to set up Minim. As mentioned, I suspect I have to subscribe to Minim first?

Second, when I use Songkong on my Mac it scan the music files, but do no changes in real, due to preview only.
Then my thinking was, is this caused by the missing EX software. So far the answer is no. That said, you say I must have a Songkong lisence?

I also think I will land on Twonky for it`s easier UI, but would like to try them both though.


As I remember it when I first started Minim was quite basic, I think they have gone for a subscription model where you renew for new feature each year. The songkong licence I carried over from my original use on a pc. If your getting an error then I would speak to Melco I don’t remember and issue with the original install, I had both Songkong and Minim installed before they became imbedded but I uninstalled them before I did the update that installed them by Melcos update process. It is possible to upgrade the N1A/2 to EX spec, this from a well known dealer in Newcastle, UK which may be what you need, I’m on software 4.10 which is the most recent:

"The final software release for mk1 and mk2 machines is 3.92 in terms of features and functionality – new releases to fix bugs will occur periodically. The EX update is one which must by done by Melco themselves as it requires the hard drives inside the machine to be repartitioned and this cannot be done by the end user. The EX update will give you access to all future updates, it is not just about adding Minimserver 2, SongKong and Internet Radio!
It is vital that your perform a back up of your Melco before you send it away as it will get reformatted during the update process.
If you have mk1 Melco (N1A, N1ZH, N1ZS or N1ZS Anniversary) the upgrade price is £500 including VAT and shipping.

If you have mk2 Melco (N1A, N1ZH or N1ZS) purchased before 1st of June 2019 the upgrade price is £250.00, anyone who bought a mk2 machine after the 1st of June 2019 it is £95.00.
Prior to current events the turnaround time on the update process has been around 10-14 days, there will obviously be a pause in the updates being carried out, but they will start up again just as soon as they are able to."


Thank you very much Peter1480, this was really some input, again. I will bring this further to a hopefully even more satisfying Melco/ Naim ownership :slight_smile: :blush:

Since this is a MK2 from 2019, I assume an EX upgrade would be a smart move. So far I have ripped a few Cd`s only, for testing.

I feel I`m on the track now, and also awaiting an answer from Melco.


I know someone who upgraded and did not regret it. They had a fairly full drive and did a back up to their NAS but were very happy to find their library on the Melco totally unaltered when they got their device back.


I had to downsize to raise funds in the first COVID lockdown, and my freelance business has since recovered

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Bit of a problem if you like both!

It is a real advantage as over time you can curate the metadata over your whole collection as both it and your demands change.

But it is also a tool that need some time and effort. There are tutorials on the site to look thru and some videos on YouTube.

The Pro/Melco version integrates very nicely with Minim 2 profiles.

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Not really, you can just run both and switch between them at will.

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It’s easy to change between the two via the menu.