Melco with Naim

Thanks all for valuable inputs :blush:

I was pretty sure it was the opposite, Minim for classical music? My CD collection of about 2K Cd`s is about 50 % classical. I prefer to try both.

I received a very clarifying email from Melco (Phil Harris) and in short. Since I have purchased a s/h unit, about two years old both Minim and Songkong licenses are run out. I was recommended to do the 4.x version update which will include both services.

I have a two year old Mk2


Is this the Phil Harris who used to help many folks in this parish when they had trouble with Naim?

I don`t know, asked myself about the same.

Yes it is, Phil went to DCs then now at Melco, hence my original suggestion to call Melco.


A good hire at Melco β€” he’s a top-notch guy; very pleasant to deal with and goes the extra mile.


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