"Memorable" Senior Moments

Here’s mine: One morning I got up to feed the dog and make coffee. Put some dried dog food pellets in the coffee grinder and the coffee beans in the dog’s bowl. Neither of us enjoyed our breakfast!


I know the feeling. Pouring fresh orange juice on my muesli was a special moment.




I’m only 40, but I open the fridge often when I need to take something from the microwave.


My regular moment is to forget the sausages are in the oven. Too many Sundays I’ve returned from my lunchtime pint to discover a burnt offering.


This is excellent – and good to know that I’m not alone in my dotage.


This thread is making me feel I am amongst friends. Still not sharing mine though :rofl:


All this walking ! You enter a room knowing you went there for a reason, but what ?

You can’t for the life of you remember !

So you walk back from whence you came, and presto ! You now remember why you went to the other room !


Ditto. Except I don’t remember


Putting un-leaded in my diesel car. Memorable cos it was expensive !


Went to London for a trade dinner & I was hosting a table. Ironed the shirt & DJ trousers, brushed the jacket, polished shoes, packed & off I went. Checked in the hotel & after an hour or so doze - as a well rounded senior is wont to do - showered & started to get dressed.
Oh F-F#*! !!! no trousers. Oh well, black DJ with grey casuals, suits you sir, & sitting at a table, who will notice?


The going back to where you started to remember what you wanted to get it not a senior moment - or if it is I was pretty senior 40 years or more ago!

(Ditto forgetting what I was going to… er, erm, Sorry, I can’t remember what I was going to say!)

A friend told me how he went to meet his new boss and stayed overnight in a hotel to look extra smart he left his trousers in the Corby trouser press overnight. Next morning they had burnt lots of small holes visible against his pale legs. No time to buy anything so he tried to get round it by wearing plastic dustbin liners taped to his legs, underneath his trousers. Unfortunately his boss noticed…but thought it very funny.


That reminds me of junior colleague who was seconded to a startup business across town and was supposed to join the Executive Chairman in interviewing candidates for a couple of roles to help get the business going. He went there on his bike to beat the London traffic and it was only when he parked up that he realised his rucksack wasn’t as heavy as he expected and it was indeed because he had left his suit trousers at home.

So he had to join the meetings/interviews wearing his cycling shorts. He never told me about this, he was so embarrassed. But the chairman who was a good friend of mine was hugely amused by this and told me all about it a few weeks later.

It’s funny how many of these stories have a trouser theme!


Some things are more ‘senior moments’ than anything else, others may be inattention - and I bet everyone with a trouser moment will have learnt from it and never suffered again! My learning moment wasn’t trousers, but a tent… in the Scouts we were doing a 3-day hike in the Lake District, 3 of us, each with different things to carrry in our rucksacks. Mine was the tent. So off we went over a ridge leading up to Scafell, down through the beautiful valley on the other side, no people or roads for miles, glorious hot sunny day. Arrived at our planned destination for the evening, and proceeded to set up camp and prepare food. Out came the tent, and poles, and …erm shouldn’t there be tent pegs?! Whoops, I had omitted to pack them. Fortunately in those days as good Scouts we carried sheath knives, and were able to cut ourselves makeshift ones! Since then my packing has always double-checked everything!

Was in a restaurant many weeks back, the table was crowded with the usual water jug, glasses, plates (mains and sides) et al. Poured some water for us both (thought I was being helpful!) not appreciating the recipient glass was her G&T. Stupid is as stupid sometimes does.


Forgetting to pack my skins on a ski mountaineering trip proved very embarrassing after a long descent.

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Caught a train home from London, got to the train station car park and realised I was missing something when I opened the boot to put my laptop bag in - my laptop bag. Apart from the laptop, the bag contained over £2k in business receipts and my passport. Fortunately I was able to trace it with the train company but had to collect it all the way from Newcastle, where it had been removed. DOH!


Thanks for the laughs as I’ve done many of the above!

None that I can remember…errr…hang on.


Last year I came down to London for a couple of days in the office, usual overnight bag plus a gift bag containing a glass bowl as a wedding anniversary present for my sister. Worked in our City office, at 4.30 I suddenly remembered I’d left home with the pressie, and had’t seen it since the train. Much to my surprise it was at the lost property desk at King’s Cross.

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