Mercy Street

Hi I love this track… but the version I have from and old CD rip of Shaking the Tree …sounds great but it’s very siblent… my system does not suffer from this so I am pretty sure it’s the track. Does anyone have a recommend for the best source for this file…ie original cd or hi res… or sacd…can anyone help…

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If you’re talking about the track of that name from Peter Gabriel’s So album you can get it in 24 bit flac from 7digital for £2.39 or £16.49 for the whole album in 24/96 on Qobuz. CD quality on there too for a bit less.

Great track, just listened to it for first time on your recommendation

Wow, if that’s the case get listening to the rest of the So album, it is a cracker

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Added as a fav on Qobuz

Bandcamp have the whole Peter Gabriel catalogue in all media formats. The album So is £7 for the 24/96 download, they also have the remastered cd for £9. and the half speed remastered vinyl for £13

I keep forgetting about Bandcamp, I just have it in my mind that it is for niche and up-and-coming artists rather than the likes of Peter Gabriel

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Thank you very much John.

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I hope they’re good remasters, 1-4 and So will wing their way here in a couple of weeks. I’ve got to open a Zoom call for dinner/drinkies with old college friends at 6 so I’ll download the digital copies tomorrow morning and give them a listen (headache permitting). Thanks again.

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A friend of mine bought the vinyl remasters and was very pleased. I bought all of the download albums from 1 through to Up and again they were all very good. Hopefully you will find them as good. Enjoy your evening.

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Check out the cover by Silje Nergaard. Available on Qobuz here: Mercy Street


Herbie Hancock does a great version of Mercy Street on ‘The New Standard’.

Terrific song, love the original. Iain Matthews does a fine version on his Pure & Crooked album.

Played SO over the week, own a copy of the half speed from Society of Sound (B&W) the whole album is exceptional -also have on high res to dot i’s and cross T

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Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street - Live in Athens 1987


… Elbow did an elegant version on one of the ‘Scratch my back’ albums too. less textures though than the original.

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