Merry Christmas Everyone


Merry Christmas! How do you like your Kantas? Is that a Supernait 2 and an NDX 2 with a power supply? I have a very similar set up, minus the HiCap. I love the music my system makes.

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Nice setup and speakers…

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It’s a SN3, hi-Cap DR, NDX 2 and XPS. I love the Kanta 2’s.


I love the Kanta 2s as well. Do you find the HiCap a worthwhile addition to the Supernait? That will likely be my next upgrade.

My DBLs started 2021 in a bad way with a split bass unit but thanks to the wisdom and expertise from other forum members they have finished the year singing better than ever.

The refurbishment, chord full loom and Isoacoustic feet mean that they sound better than ever thanks largely to other people’s suggestions. Not bad for 16 year old speakers!

Many thanks to you all.



Now those are loudspeakers

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Yes, the high cap adds depth and detailed control

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Thanks - much appreciated. A Merry Christmas to you too!

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