Merry Christmas :-)

Merry Christmas everyone, let’s hope we all have a great day filled with good company, food and music.


Merry Christmas PB.

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope Santa has brought you some nice gifts to enjoy.

Merry Christmas all. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas all. Been another very enjoyable year reading the forum. Here’s to more healthy debate in 2022.

Yes merry xmas PB……and all forum folks

Merry Christmas all, I hope that you are all having a great day. Thanks for yet another fascinating year of insights, discoveries & discussion…

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And to you PB. Hope you’re back to full health. Have a great 2022 :+1:

Buon Natale a tutti.Take care.

To all of you, Happy Holidays, all the best and see you all in 2022 in good health and big success on every one field that is important to you and make you happy, off course including our hobby.

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Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas, from Paris


The photo reminds me: how are they doing with the rebuilding of Notre Dame?

The restoration is still in process, should end at minimum in 2024.

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Merry Christmas, all!

And many thanks to all the Naim people for the music!

Thanks James, I am pretty much back to 95% plus of what I was health wise and all going well :blush:


Merry Christmas from Montreal !


That’s the dinner just finished at 10:00 - A great day. A wee bit of telly now, just the two of us.


Unlike most here who will be rugged up by the fire enjoying a white Christmas we’ll be eating cold seafood on the veranda.

Hope all the members, family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a better 2022.