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My Atom does not like access to WiFi via a BT whole home disc connected to the router via a powerline adapter and I will need to bite the bullet and run a cable between the two floors which hopefully will resolve issus such as app not finding the Atom. This leaves the need for wifi access points. The reviews suggest my BT discs are fine, but regret in my Victorian semi with thick walls they are not good enough. So reviews listing “best of” of limited use. Any suggestions on what should work better in a house, not large, but solid walls? Thank you . Graham

Hi graham do you have the disks wired via Ethernet imo this is the most important aspect to any mesh system.

Fwiw I ran bt disks for a year and they were fine but I went to ubiquiti (ap pros) and it’s next very very solid, but again really wants Ethernet connection

The two remote discs are connected to the router via cable using powerline adapters. Without this cannot get reliable signal on floor below router. Looked at Ubiquiti but agaian only know if suitable by buying. Can be a costly mistake. Thanks

I would start by running the Ethernet cable(s) and see if that resolves the problem using your BT Discs. They are intended primarily for people who don’t want to run cables, with just one disc connected to the router, and others just using WiFi, but if you can get them working with a run of cables, you may not need to replace them.

Looking into running a cable but not possible for one of the access points so will need reliable Wi-Fi. Without power line adapters difficult to get with BT discs hence question if there is something better. Other systems a lot more expensive but would they provide better coverage.

A number of people have reported good results with the Unifi AP-AC Lite, which has a similar cost to the BT discs.
However, they all need to be wired back to your router, as would any commercial grade Mesh devices.
If you are prepared to at least run one cable, eliminating the powerline adapters, I would give the BT things another chance before trying any different devices.

Thank you for all advice and current thinking is run a cable from router to Atom. Then get Amplifi AF1 HD from Ubiquiti and hope it outperforms the BT Whole Home system I have. Then the iphone app will recognise the Atom with ease, which it doesn’t now, and the occasional machine gun noise on some TV channels will be a thing of the past. What are the chances?

If you can run a cable and remove the powerlines, that may well be all you need to do. I would just try that first.

That cable, plus your BT wifi, may be all you need.

Fingers crossed but when i fitted the whole home sysytem without the powerline adapters the signal on the floor below the router was invariably poor. Will revisit as need wifi for iphones etc. Thanks for your advice.

After much sorting the power line adapter gone and indeed the BT discs. Now only BT powerhub 2 providing Wi-Fi. Not brilliant coverage but not too bad. Regret however the app goes through phases when it will not locate the Atom. Another problem not solved is the intermittent machine gun like noise which appears to come and go at random.
Any ideas. Still awaiting quote to run cable.
Than you

I would suggest that you wait until you can get a cable installed, and then connect both Atom and a BT disc to it. Then try different locations for any other discs you have, and take it from there.
You will need a small switch to connect both streamer and disc to the same cable.

My app (ipad) keeps losing the streamer and less often the core and they’re both wired. A force stop and restart of the app sorts it, until the next time.

What I often find is Atom not found but click on ? Often finds it. This now that Wi-fi is only from smarthub 2 after removing adapters and discs. Another problem that still crops up is very loud noise on a channel. After a while return to the channel and it’s gone. No logic I can think of.

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