Message for Richard Dane

Richard, I am experiencing problems with the forum at the moment. When I connect to the site I find I am right back at the start of January 2019. I then have to spend ages endlessly scrolling down to reach the latest posts. I am using Safari on my MacBook. Are you able to advise why this has started happening to me and are other Safari users experiencing similar?
Also I cannot find a link to mail you direct without posting on the forum?



Ted I can help here I think, use Discourse Hub, app easily downloaded.

Fine for me with Safari on iPhone, iMac and different Macs. Does this happen even when you log in? Have you changed your cookies/security settings?

Also you can click on Categories, Latest, Top and New, which should make the appropriate selection after you have logged in. Latest in particular should just show the posts since you last logged on.

Some good options above……but you asked for @Richard.Dane he may have some other suggestions.

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I think the site does this when you are not logged in.

Ted, it looks fine for me on safari on all my apple macbooks and other devices. Try logging out and then back in again. Let me know if that works. Richard

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Thanks for your advise. that looks like it has fixed it.


Richard, it looks like Michaelb’s advise has sorted it.

I suspect there may have been some forum server shenanigans going on over the weekend. I logged on to see a hopelessly outdated Reply notification that related to a disagreement about Danny Baker from 2½ years ago.

Where is he now?

I love a simple fix… :crazy_face:

Richard has just passed the exam for an IT support desk job!


Are you a “traveler”?

He’s still doing his podcast, which is essentially the 5L radio show with a few tweaks, and is currently on tour with Bob Harris where the two of them regale the audience with tales and memories of their 50-odd years in the music business. I have my ticket for when they come round this way.

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