Messed up: CD2 buzz, dammit

Playing a CD this morning while tidying up and I dislodged the mains plug on the Iso Tek power board so everything obviously stopped…Plugged it back in and then had to go out to take the Linn to my dealer. This afternoon there is now a hesitancy with CD2 start up, and a buzz starts as soon as the logo lights up, gets louder with volume…what have I buggered up? Sounds electrical if that makes sense. Hoping it’s a small fix but I have a feeling I’ve broken something. Unfortunately, I can’t test the SN3 on other connections as my Linn is in the dealers til Saturday…

Any ideas as to what I’ve gone and done?

Have you tried switching it off for say 30 minutes or so, then power up, maybe worth a try?

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Not as long as 30 minutes…but it’s all switched off now as I’m out again, so maybe… ?:crossed_fingers:

Fingers crossed Stevie…otherwise call to dealer and Naim, unless anyone else can think of something? @NeilS?

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Is it possible the Isotek is now faulty?

What happens if your CD2 is plugged into the wall along with the SN3?

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That, I hadn’t considered @Christopher_M. I’ll try my old MCRU board…typical that this happens when the Linn is not available to see if it’s the CD2 or the SN3.

My first suggestion would be exactly as Christopher says above.

A process of elimination excercise.


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Cheers Neil…yes, I reckon so. My Linn should be back by Saturday so then I’ll know if it’s CD2 or SN3 that’s buzzing - assuming swapping in the other board doesn’t cure it first. Or, that a long power off hasn’t worked :slight_smile:

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Well, long power-off and Iso-Tek swap didn’t work, so it must be CD2 or SN3 :frowning: . I’ll find out when I reconnect the Linn over the weekend…

Guessing CD2 as the lights still flicker and the buzz doesn’t start until the Naim Audio logo lights up.

Dammit, back to Witch Hat if that’s the case…

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Which lights are flickering? Don’t think you mentioned that before?
Is it just the logo that flickers, or all the lights?
The logo on the CD2 should light at power on, if its not, that would suggest the DC detect circuit is firing, which could indicate a failed DAC.


Is the IEC plug still all the way home?

Did the buzz start after you’d removed the Linn (i take it this is an LP12 ?)

Will the CD2 still play a CD or not at all ?

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Thanks for your replies - the CD2 logo lights last now, after a couple seconds - the stop, play and screen dashes flicker at switch on. Buzz starts as soon as the logo lights, not before.

I’ve tried a Powerline Lite and Powerline - same, no change.

The Linn was in place during - I was playing a CD when the Iso Tek wall plug got pulled out of the socket. I only disconnected the LP12 later on.

I pick up the Linn this afternoon - hopefully that’ll be OK through the SN3 ( on the day, I didn’t think to play a record as I thought it was the CD2 that had blown).

CD2 does play, but with this background buzz - it sounds, if there is such a thing, like an ‘earth’ buzz - (or connection buzz?) I remember we used to get a similar sound when plugging guitars into amps.

I seem to have a knack of breaking Naim CDPs! My 5X is still waiting to go for service this afternoon, after I put the wrong cable in the wrong DIN - just a klutz!

I guess the CD2 acts as the system earth carried by the IC to the SN3. Have you tried a different IC. Perhaps if the IC was faulty the Linn was providing the system earth.


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The IC was/is HiLine. Seemed to work perfectly, sonically.
I’ll try a different one when I get back from my dealer.

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Linn fine, no buzz.

So as I’m not sure if Naim are still servicing CD2s (parts?), it’ll be off to Mark at Witch Hat (was serviced there previously before I owned it) for some incantations and magicke…

What’s the latest?


No news I’m afraid. Waiting for the CD5X to come back from Naim, then I’ll send the CD2 to Witch Hat :slight_smile:

But thanks for checking back!

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Hi steviebee,

I should have mentioned before that the stop & play lights flickering is normal when the CD2 is trying to index.
The buzz however, is not normal!
The point at which the logo lights is when the DC detect/mute circuit allows output from the unit. So it defo sounds like there is a problem with your CD2.
We still have many of the parts for CD2 at HQ, transport related parts are very scarce esp. the CDM9PRO (the one with the metal platter).

If you decided to return it to HQ, we would do our very best to repair any issues, but no promises could be made unfortunately.


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Thank you @NeilS!
Would it be better to return to HQ then? I was not sure of Naim’s support for the Olive series…I don’t think it’s a transport issue - sounds more…electrical…sorry, don’t know the correct terms.