Meta data muddle

I’ve just bought myself a good value box set of early Johnny Cash albums which I’m enjoying. Trouble is generally there are two original albums on each of the cds and two the meta data is wonky bringing up some different album titles to the ones on the cds. Any good software to enable me to split the albums into different folders add the artwork to each and correct the meta data without an insane amount of faff. Musicbrains picard isn’t helping much.

I’m perfectly happy with the free Mp3Tag, but there are many others as well …

+1 for Mp3Tag

Windows? Probably dbPoweramp.

OS X? Metadatics is my first choice. Then dbPoweramp.

Thanks Bart
Metadatics seems to do the job for me and have edited the two different bunches of data of 12 tracks each for the first cd containing two albums including adding artwork however on the naim app whilst two separate albums now show with the right artwork the last two tracks from each are missing. Any thoughts?

Yes, If the last two tracks are missing, it’s likely because there are characters in the metadata (probably in the names of those tracks, but possibly in the album name itself) that the Naim system doesn’t like. Be sure to just use very basic characters; A-Z; a-z; 0-9; _. Try that.

This is most likely to happen on purchased/downloaded tracks. AND, it’s the best practice to completely delete the track names, and then type them in yourself. There can be hidden/non-visible characters in there, so just wipe the slate clean. That SHOULD work. Be sure to force a re-scan, and clear the cache in the Naim app itself, when you’re done with the edit. Some servers take a while to re-scan on their own, and you can edit something but not “see” it.

What server is it?

With Metadatics I’ve found that using the command Functions/Fix Character Encoding can work on selected tracks.

Cool - I’ve not tried that feature.

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