Metadata changes

Some of the metadata is incorrect on ripped cds - if I change it via the Naim app will this amend on SSD as well as the app - my concern is if I upgrade my iPad I’m currently using will the errors need amending again :+1: Thanks in advance

No metadata lives on the app. All the app sees is what the server sends to it. If you edit the metadata you can change your iPad or iPhone quite happily.

So I’ll need to amend the metadata via a PC then save back on to the ssd ?

No. The app sorts it out but the data does not live on the app.

Try Metadatics, it‘s for Mac but really easy to deal with.

You amend the metadata in the app and it saves it to the SSD for you automatically. The metadata isn’t ever stored in the app.

You don’t need Metadatics.

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