Metadata Dilemma - How to Better Manage Search By Artist

I struggle to find my recital albums. I search for them by artist because I often don’t remember the titles of so many albums. But the search misses so many albums! The search display is broken into two parts, an album part and an artist part. I’ll often find an album listed among the artist section. It won’t be in the album section. Besides that, the search doesn’t return ALL albums.

Why not? Why does a simple search get so confused?

Is there any way to get Naim to address this issue? Or is there a work around that someone has discovered?

I decided in the absence of an editable composer entry in the Core database to retitle all my classical albums by composer and piece in the title field and the performer under artist, if the composer field becomes editable in the future that will help searches. Genre is already selectable but it wasn’t editable beyond the offered ones last time I looked. My Core is off at Salisbury for a faulty ripping drive to be replaced at the moment so I can’t check.
Of course if you’re not on about a Core this may not help.

I tried to delete the message above which is all garbled, but I wasn’t allowed to, so please ignore it.

Yes, I’m on the Naim Uniti Core and using the app.

That’s exactly what I do. Just guessing, but I think 95% of my albums, maybe more are classical and most of those are multi-album opera. My editing convention for those works perfectly.
Composer: Title
Puccini: Madame Butterfly

Classical albums work well in that convention also
Korngold: Violin Concerto

The app display is conveniently alphabetized by Title so to find a Puccini opera, I just poke the P button and do a mini manual search for the opera title I’m looking for. I don’t need to use the formal search option.

Where I have difficulty is with recital albums. Because I don’t remember those titles very reliably, I can’t poke the letter that will get me to the title. I just know I want to play an album featuring Beverly Sills (for example).

My metadata convention is to use the exact title and put the name of the artist in the artist field. But that works very poorly, as I mentioned. So I’ve been experimenting with putting the artist name in front of the title. Which i don’t especially like because it corrupts my convention of putting Composer in that area. But, oh well, there aren’t any other options.

I haven’t decided whether I should use both first and last name or just last name. I haven’t yet decided whether to use the colon to separate artist name from title or not.

But I don’t like to have to work around the limitations of the system like this. Why doesn’t search on artist work? What is so difficult that Naim can’t get this right?

The album list can be alphabetical by title or artist, selectable where it says A-Z at the top of the page. Again from memory I can’t actually check this at the moment.

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Sorting by artist is new to me and, good news, it does help me solve my problem with finding albums by artist. Yay!
Thanks :blush:

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