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I am a week away from taking delivery of my Naim Uniti Nova…having traded in my previous NaitXS, DAC, CD5XS. When I listened to the Nova at my dealer I used a USB stick at the front port with music I know well (CDs ripped to .aiff with XLD, Metadata embedded in the file). I noticed that the Nova didn’t display any album cover art (I can see them in the Mac finder) does anyone know what the issue might be?

I am planning to rip all my CDs using the above method to my NAS (DS216play) and store my favorite, most-heard music on an SD card to feed it to the Nova.

I want to avoid ripping with a method that results in missing album covers whenever I play my own music.

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If you rip with dBpoweramp it will be fine. There’s no point having specific albums on a different drive. Load Asset on the nas. I suspect the lack of album art is because you are using a USB stick - that’s what happens with the legacy streamers anyway.

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I suspect that the Nova did not have Server mode enabled. If it had, then you should have been be able to browse music and view artwork on a USB drive in exactly the same way as you can on a NAS running a server such as Asset or Minimserver. Either way, you should be able to browse music, play it, and view artwork, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

why don’t you want to store your favorite music on the nas? you could see the cover art in that case.

Hi frenchrooster,

I definitely want to store my music on my NAS. I just want to keep an “offline” copy in the Nova just in case.

The way to do this is to keep all your music on the nas and back the nas up to a USB drive, rather than keeping the USB attached to the streamer.

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As you already have a NAS, it makes sense to use it. You should also decide what UPnP server you want to run on it.
I’m not sure that you really need to use USB storage as well, but then you do need at least one backup copy of your music library, so keeping a backup on a USB drive attached to your streamer might be a good idea.

Picked up the Nova this Saturday and all metadata is ok when playing over the NAS. I think the problem is that the Nova can only read a simple folder on storages attached to its USB (at least with a stick). Naim support also recommended ripping everything to FLAC and I opted for aiff. So I am doubly glad this worked out…presenting me with the next riddle…which streaming service to keep.

I signed up for both TIDAL and Qobuz and after two days I am already torn. The TIDAL integration through the Naim app is so much better than Qobuz whereas the FLACs on Qobuz sound so much better IMHO when doing A/B comparison the same albums in the same resolution.

Can’t wait for the Nova to break in, so much potential.

Have you tried turning in server mode on the Nova? It’s a while since I tried, but I’m pretty sure it then shows the USB via a UPNP interface with the metadata as if you were using a NAS.

Ahh…this may be just it. Not that I will need it anytime soon but thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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