Metadata on DAC files

Yes it is visible with all files selected in mp3tag. As Mike-B advises I will try renaming and re-attaching.

… err ??? … my ethernet streaming is granite rock solid, I can’t see how UHD HDD could be better
(just a comment & a thread drift)

Yeah, this Ethernet lark will never catch on :wink:

Oops, I meant USB HDD!
Never actually streamed anything - is it possible to play Tidal MQA from a laptop? I appreciate that it would only be the one unfold.

… opps you need a pukka NAS; you’re missing so much
When I use USB its just so clunky.
I’m now intrigued as to how you get art with USB from the other formats.

HI Mike, all the new Naim streamers have Naim’s UPnP server running on them, so that if you connect a USB drive to it, as an alternative to using the USB input as with the old models, you can view the files in the UPnP input, and browse them using metadata, just as if they were on a separate server on a NAS or wherever. This means that it’s not really necessary to run a separate music store or server on your network, as you have all that built in to the streamer.

Thanks Chris, I’m in old legacy streamer mode, need to “wake up that man” a bit.
Looking back to previous posts I see its an ND5xs2.

No need to wake up, it’s past midnight!

I seem to be able to edit metadata with mp3tag but still not recognised by ND5/app.
I am trying with dbpoweramp and perfect tunes (much easier) but perfect tunes does not ‘see’ dsf files - any ideas?

You are missing something & we won’t be much help until we can see something; can you post a screen shot of the Mp3tag view with one of the tracks hi-lighted please.

I will try and add a screen shot later. Any idea why Perfecttunes should not see my dsf files? It does see the folders that hold the files.

I would guess its either because it doesn’t support DSD (.dsf) or you have not edited/embedded correctly. I will have a look into PerfectTunes to see what it might be

Hi Mike, does this help at all?

TBH I’m struggling with this.
Looking at the screen shot I see the cover art is attached OK, the tag column has ID3v2.3 so that should be a good indicator its OK.
It might be worthwhile trying to over write the tag info in “Tag Sources” (in the top banner line) … Tag Sources>freeb>freeb ID in the web search look for the exact version of your ripped SACD, touch that & cross your fingers
(Next is my OCD) - I like to use the track numbering convention, 1/5, 2/5 … 5/5. I’ve had some odd stuff with just 1,2,3,4, etc
Finally all I can think of is something in your server (HDD) does not fully support DSD (.dsf)

This is a pic of one of my DSD albums … if you can see anything … lemme know

Many thanks Mike, I really appreciate you going to this trouble. I am using ISODSD2 to rip the SACDs and selecting 2 channel rather than multi - there are not many other options to choose!
I will take another look tomorrow.

Ok, I have managed to get this sorted at last. Perfecttunes will not list DSD albums but right clicking in windows explorer (windows 10) does allow the tracks’ metadata to be edited via the perfect tunes IDtag editor. The artwork search facility is very good and once downloaded a simple selection allows it to be added to the ‘folder.jpg’ as well.

I have now gone through all of my hi res albums and added the terms SACD, 24,96 or 24,192 depending on them been sourced from SACD rips or HDTracks. This allows me to easily select and compare the different formats. I won’t do any serious comparisons though until I get the NDX 2 and SN2 later this week - actually I will wait a few weeks for the new kit to bed in.

I have also discovered that my Oppo 105 is actually a reasonable streamer. It can play files from the USB SSD drive attached to my ND5 XS 2 so I can do SQ comparisons quickly between the Oppo and the Naim. The Oppo is very capable and sometimes it is difficult to pick out the differences. However, the Naim is appreciably better by having a ‘more together’ presentation. The Oppo presents detail in a slightly more forward way - the Naim has the same detail but in a more musical way.

By musical I mean that it forms part of the whole rather than standing out in any way. I can still listen into the mix on the Naim and hear the detail if I wish but it is much easier to just sit back and enjoy the music.

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