Metadata Question

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The Illustrate (Asset parent) people have ID’d this as a Naim app problem
Naim agree, its on the ‘to do’ list
I have a work-a-round solution if anyone is really that bothered about it

@Will to me it’s a good design choice and you should stick with it. Why would anyone want the same thing written twice when once is more than enough?

This is a picture of the album cover. It’s called Fourplay. Not Fourplay Fourplay. A good example of an eponymous debut album.


Because they might want to search for it by name of artist or by album title?

Perhaps interestingly, my Dime Notes album shows like this.

This should definitely be possible, but it can be possible even though the album overview shows the text only once if artist and album name is exactly the same. Depends on how it is implemented.

This ‘quirk’ does not affect anything with search browsing.
It simply an app software display anomaly that is seen (AFAIU) with some or more NAS media servers software, but it’s not a problem with Core.
Its been ID’d by Asset & accepted by Naim, it’s up to them if & when they fix it.

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