MF 750 Superchargers

Hi… My first post on here.

I bought my first piece of Naim equipment last month… Uniti Nova, after a shaky start due to poor WiFi ( I actually took it back to the Audio Room Hull… They are great guys) telling them “I am never buying another streamer ever again!” so uch was the stress and hassle of playing music with it. Darren had set up an Audio Note CD player and amp with some Spendor D7. 2… But after 30 mins I had to turn it off… It was hurning my ears, let’s try some classic 2/3…the same, back to trusty Proac D20r… But the same, all of them sounded very unplesent… Let’s try a Moon CD… Same. Very frustrated and disappointed after listening to various stuff for 4 hours, luckily there was a Nova set up in the room “Just put t that Nova on with the D7. 2 please Darren”

Ahhhhhh within seconds I noticed the smoothness and the music flowed over me. I felt it in my chest, the tension melted away and I became deeply relaxed… That is surely the sign to get one’s wallet out.

My last system was D20r with Audiolab 820cdq and 250w mono blocks. I think the Nova could do with a bit of a boost

Finally onto my question, has anyone tried the Musical Fidelity 750k superchargers with a Uniti or any other Naim equipment? If so, did they work well?


MF 750s? Can’t say I have, and I’m a big fan of MFs power amps ( and pre’s).
What’s making you choose these? They are a lot of money and a lot of power ! Does the uniti not have a traditional pre out to feed a traditional power amp in?

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