Micro Line or Shibata

I have a Micro Line stylus on my Audio Technica AT150EA and have just bought a
VMN50 SH Shibata stylus for the 150EA body it’s my first Shibata stylus and wondered what are members experiences of the differences between the two and which do you prefer.

Ive used AT carts for as long as I can remember and have always favoured the ML stylus option over the Shibata. I find personally the Shibatas are less tolerant of the slightest bit of surface noise. Im currently using a 2M Bronze on my P8.

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I’d say from what I’ve read it’s generally about 60 - 40 in favour of the ML the great thing about AT Moving Magnet carts and the VMN carts is that there are a few different stylus
types that fit one or the other of the the two body types and changing them doesn’t cost the earth I found a Shibata stylus for £182 which is about 25% below rrp and the ML comes in at a little over £200.

I’ll probably try the ML over the coming months too.

The top of the range VM760SLC Special Line Contact is supposed to be very, very good but at £479 per stylus it’s quite pricey but no more than the Ortofon 2M Black which is a Shibata I believe.

AT have rebooted the old AT N95E and called it the VM95 there a few styli in the range that all fit the one body ranging from VM95C at £29 to the VM95SH at £179 which is a Shibata there is also a Micro Line at £149 and an Elliptical and a Nude Elliptical at £43 and £105 so great value.

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