Midsummer Greetings from Sweden 🌼


        🌼 Midsummer Greetings 🌼

In Sweden,.and some other countries in Europe, we celebrate Midsummer this weekend that starts tomorrow.
So I thought I should take the opportunity to wish everyone on the forum a…

Happy Midsummer from Sweden :blossom:.

:small_blue_diamond:This picture is out on the sea,on the coast where I live.
In the background you can see an island with two cottages.
The island is a nature reserve,.and it takes 15 minutes to go there with the boat in the picture.

Eva who drive the boat owns these cottages,.it is the only cabins on the island.
There must be no more construction because the island is a nature reserve.

Now you know where I shall celebrate my Midsummer,…On the island.

Nice Midsummer :bouquet:



Have a lovely midsummer weekend Peder.

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Enjoy your weekend Peder :+1:

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Happy Midsummer to all!

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Happy mids Peder and anyone else celbrating it!

Jan L.

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WOW …lucky you

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@Peder weather looks kind for you this weekend
Have a fantastic Midsummer…Im still having a fantastic winter here in Newcastle UK LOL

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Yes, a good midsummer weekend to you, Peder, and all.

So e people I know are doing an 84 mile walk on Saturday… I shall tend the bees, play some music and probably go for a cycle ride. Sunday promises to get up to 19 degrees and dry, though a little wind - the Uuni pizza oven may well come out, with some Prosecco or maybe mojitos, and pleasant socialising.

Of course, in Britain some people will go to Stonehenge for the summer solstice tomorrow (sounds like a cue for Ten Years After’s Stonedhenge!). Those into outdoor music festivals may go to Glastonbury in a week’s time…

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The druids were happy this morning. First time in years that the morning sun arose at Stonehenge without being obscured by a heavy cloud greyout and rain. Evening looks to be fine too.



Lets not forget … Winter starts tomorrow. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That long? I think the British summer is due to end about 6.30pm…:wink:

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They’ll be putting Christmas stuff on the supermarket shelves next week.


You’re not that far out. I have seen Xmas trees in a local shop display at the end of June. :face_vomiting:

Glad midsommar Peder :sweden::smile:

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A gloomy mid winters day in New Zealand.

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:small_blue_diamond:This Midsummer Greeting below,.is from our Swedish Prime-Minister (See picture above),to us in Sweden.
A nice initiative from our head of government.

:black_small_square:"I would like to take this opportunity to address a particular thought to employees in the field of health care, police, civil protection, transport and service sectors and all the others who work today.
Thank you for keeping the country going,and ensuring that the society is strong while the rest is enjoying their leave.

For my own part, there will be no dance around the maypole today.
Instead, I have taken some of the Swedish midsummer to the European Council in Brussels.
Here, EU-leaders will discuss the direction of the EU in the coming years."




Wish all Swedes a happy mid summers holiday…

From India where there is a lot of sun… We don’t understand what the brouhaha is all about. ??



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God Liða.

And to all Blessing Be.


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Enjoy. With herring , snaps and mosquitos?
I miss that.


:small_blue_diamond:Gunnar,…Thanks,.everything except the Mosquitos :grin:.

/Peder :blossom: