Migrate settings when changing Naim streamers

My ND5XS2 will hopefully arrive soon, is there any way to migrate my radio stations and such from the nacn272, or will I have to add all settings manually in the new machine?

If I understand… you just add the new streamer in the Naim app, the settings should remain, inc radio stations. Your 272 will disappear when taken off the network.

Oh really? That would be great. Didn’t expect that, cool.

Purely a guess as I don’t use a 272, I have only ever had the nd5xs2. Did you set your radio choices on the unit or within the app?

If I am off the mark, apologies.

Ooh, I can’t really remember. Something tells me I once did something in an online environment if I am not mistaken. That must have been in the streamer itself. Latest changes I am sure I made from within the app though.

You’ll need to add the stations. They are stored in the machine and not the app.

Thank you sir. I will make screen shots of the settings of the stations and add them manually.

Apologies, thankyou Nigel

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