So the dCS Network Bridge recommends using MinimServer as a UPnP server which is not a UPnP package I’ve heard of. I’ve been an Asset fan for many years now and, tbh, always been very happy… in fact I like it so I paid for it!

Anyone any feedback please re. MinimServer? Good, bad, whatever?

Very popular with Naim users. A bit more fiddly to set up than Asset, but still a good option.

I’ll give it a try out… first impressions not as flexible and a bit fiddly but perhaps that’s more a case of being so used to Asset.

I used Minimserver for a while on my Synology, it was a pre-installed 3rd party package.
It needed to have Java installed additionally & also MinimWatch to enable the GUI on the PC/Mac. Once that was done & once I’d learned how it all works in the configuration section, to be honest its a bit of a faff (old english) but it worked well.
However, as soon as Illustrate made Asset software available for Synology I tried that & was very happy to find it a was simple one item package & easy to understand & config.
Sound wise there is nothing different between them that I could detect.

I advise to send a note to Illustrate & ask if Asset can used on cDS Network Bridge, they always answer quickly with yes/no & if yes how to do it.
(… http… ://forum.dbpoweramp.com/)

As the DCS accepts UPnP and Asset is UPnP, why might Asset not work? Surely so long as it’s UPnP compliant anything will work? The Bridge is only a streamer after all. The server software lives elsewhere.

That’s my understanding of the meaning of the U in UPnP, and I haven’t come across any cases where a server and streamer were incompatible.

Saying that I switched to Asset on the recommendation of NAIM support after compatibility issues with the previous upnp server I was using… (ISTR MM4).

Before I disappeared down the Roon Nucleus route, I tried Minim and Asset and preferred the sound of the latter on my NAS. You can find my musings in the ND555 thread.

Yes, but that’s a server issue rather than a streamer issue. The Bridge is a streamer so it shouldn’t apply. Asset is easier to use than Minim and as you are used to it - setting up the browse tree etc - it would be ideal if you could continue with it.

I’ve had a search on www & its simplz … as indicated on previous post(s), the media server UPnP software is installed on your server (NAS)
dCS Network Bridge might “recommend” MinimServer, not sure why, but it will work with any UPnP software - Asset UPnP, Twonkey, JRiver etc.

I have used Asset on my Qnap NAS for some time; I could not get along with Minim. A couple of months ago I migrated from my NAS to an Audiostore black box that can’t run Asset but does have Minim.

I know use Roon, but occasionally I use Minim; it works just fine once I’ve navigated to my music library on the black box. But Roon is more convenient although it’s browsing function is not great.

So the feedback seems to be no reason to change to mimim. Stick to what you know i.e. Asset :slight_smile:


That’s what I’d do.

I have tried both and I prefer MinimServer for customizability, user-friendlyness and flexibility. The dCS Network Bridge will work fine with both, thus, just use the one that better fits your needs.

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I have used Minimserver for a few years now hosted on several QNAP models, never had a blip and I like the FLAC to WAV transcode before it hits my 272 or UQ2 but I guess Asset also has this function.

Yes indeed, on the configuration screen you can set each of all the formats in the large list to transcode. one e.g. set FLAC to ‘as WAV’.

I’ve used MS also for a number of years… Stable, free, sounds fine… active forums and good help if needed. That said use the one you feel comfortable with.

I don’t agree that MinimServer is “not as flexible.” In fact I think the problems some folk have are because it is more flexible than Asset and perhaps more demanding in how you’ve tagged your music.

Actually, I use both on my QNAP and find Minim better for classical music and Asset more useful for other genres. But unless you have lots of classical and fancy changing some of its metadata, I suggest sticking with Asset.


Right, this is a very important point that I have failed to mention. If your collection contains a lot of classical music, MinimServer is almost mandatory: it allows users to define the tags that better fit their needs (for intance, I use “Composer”, “Work”, “Ensemble”, “Conductor”, “Artist”, “Form”, “Era”, “Genre” and a few more) and to sort them in many useful ways. To have an idea of the possibility offered by MinimServer, just check the MinimServer documentation at minimserver.com/features.

Why not using Roon with a dCS Bridge?
Try Roon!

I was using Asset on RPI (have it as backup with the Naim App), and before than Twonky on a ReadyNAS Duo, as migrated from a LogicTech Squeezebox with LMS on the NAS.
Haven’t used the Naim App for playback in over a year after introducing a Roon based playback capability to my NDS, with the SonoreUPnP Bridge.

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