Minim, Asset sound

I have just installed Asset on my Synology alongside Minim so that my wife and I can separate our listening.
But listening to the same track through Minim and Asset on my Qute, it seems to me that the Asset is slighlt brasher than Minim, thinner but perhaps more exciting. I do not have any of the ConvOut etc settings in Minim changed so it should be “out of the box”
Are they different or am I imagining it?
I’d be interested to know

Hi, are they set up differently with regards to transcoding? e.g., one is sending flac, the other is sending the same re-encoded to 24 bit wav

Thanks. So they are different, and I am not imagining it! Phew
But which one sends the flac and which one the 24 bit?
The tracks I listened to were 24-192s, so weren’t they both going at 24 bit?

Only you can answer your questions
If both were 24/192, then that’s what both Asset & Minim send
If the file is FLAC & you have Asset set to transcode (play as) WAV, WAV is what’s played.
If you have not changed the Minim defaults, then you will hear the same album played as FLAC

Ah, thanks Mike. Yes, I had mis -read Robert’s reply.
Asset was set to transcode to Wav and to 24 bit (though that would not have mattered with a 24-192 which presumably caused the difference.
I have set it now to play “as is” to see if I can still detect any difference. And then decide which I prefer if there is one

And make sure you come back and tell us!

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Shut down one while auditioning the other. They will each sound slightly better that way. I wanted to prefer Minim but liked Asset more, finding it a little more organic and texturally richer/more detailed. This was, however, a couple of years ago, now.

First of all, thanks to everyone for the help.
It was good to know that I wasn’t just imagining things and there is a real reason why different programs might sound different
The great roberto asked me to come back and say whether I could detect anything. So after auditioning as Michael suggests and with everything “as is” rather than transcoded on the fly, here are my thoughts
But, these were not double blind tests by any means! They were done on classical orchestral, new recordings at 24 bi
Minim is a little more rounded in its sound and has a wider stereo spread to my ears. Asset is slightly perhaps a little thinner at the top but sharper in sound - for example bells don’t sound as full . Taken overall, it seems to me more exciting and involving, and Minim sounds a little dull overall by comparison.
I am going to use Asset for a week or so and see if I notice the difference. I can use both of course with my music on one and my wife’s - with different taste and so perhaps requiring a different sort of sound.
But I could still be imagining things!!!


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