Minimcerver2 and the FLAC streams

Hi All
I’ve been a very happy listener to Flac streams of radio paradise on minimserver 0.8, but it was discontinued and I’ve been forced to upgrade to the free version minimserver 2 and the new minimwatch.
Now my playlist file that had the Flac stream urls doesn’t work. I see the folder but there are no radio icons to click as before.

What do i need to change in the property values of minimwatch?


Is that not a paid for feature now? If you’ve only just upgraded you can switch to a trial of the paid for version to see if it restores the functionality.

“The optional MinimStreamer extension is available only with a MinimServer full license.”

To do radio streams you need to have minimstreamer installed.

I’m still using Minimserver .8 I haven’t been forced to upgrade and if I was I’d probably find something else. Minimserver .8 was and Is fine I would have paid a nominal fee but for some reason they pulled the rug out. And I use my Auralic for internet radio streams. I guess if Minimserver gets really messed up I can switch to Auralic ‘s LDS server, or Asset.

I was in the same boat, happy enough with 0.8 but when it upgraded and transcoding was no longer a free feature I decided to look at Asset and much preferred that.
Minim I think is £28 for the first year then £10/year after that (if I remember correctly) so not that expensive but Asset is just a one off payment of £35. I know Asset does radio streams but it isn’t a feature I’ve used so no idea how well they work.

All my music on NAS is either AIFF or Apple Lossless. Not concerned about transcoding to WAV. So I stick with .8 for now

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